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MARK LEVINSON ML-7AL L2 card equipment: 1,650,000yen(1986 release)
L3 / L3A card equipment: 1,850,000yen(1986 release)

Control amplifier which added the enhancement which also amounts to 105 places based on ML-7L, and was developed.

The cross interferencee is suppressed, while the main-unit part (ML-7AL) and the power-source part (PLS-154L) serve as a design which dissociated and became independent and realize low-impedance-ization by three buslines of a plus-or-minus grounding.

Each part is using careful selection materials, such as cosmic rays and Military Standard of the aircraft, abundantly until it results in a volume or a tape-alternation relay. The high Teflon capacitor of the vibration proof by Military Standard is adopted as the weight RIAA path especially on the Phono stage.

"8PIN type" with little tone-quality property transition by extraction and insertion which has very little resistor of a contact is adopted as the contact button of the card which constitutes each stage. Moreover, while installing a heat sink in each card and attaining a stabilization of an element, strength improvement to an extraneous vibration is planned.

To the I/O board, lead wire is controlled by simple-ization put into practice using the four-layers substrate etc. to the minimum.

L3 plug-in card of high gain and L3A plug-in card which can link MC cartridge directly are prepared for phone amplifier as an option.


Rating of a mode
Form Preamplifier
Stream composition The phone amplifier 2, line amplifier 2
The stream composition by a total of four plug-ins
Gain Phone amplifier: 38dB, 44dB
At the time of L3 plug-in-card attachment: 66dB
At the time of an L3A plug-in-card attachment: 54dB
Line amplifier: 20dB
Input impedance Phone amplifier: 50kohm, 825ohm (switchover)
At the time of L3 plug-in-card attachment: 825ohm
At the time of an L3A plug-in-card attachment: 825ohm
Line amplifier: 10kohm
Output load impedance Phone amplifier (Tape out): 2kohm
Line amplifier (Main out): 47ohm
Maximum output Phone amplifier: 6.6V
Line amplifier: 8.0V
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption About 25W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 483x height 51x depth of 216mm
Power-source part: Width 101x height 101x depth of 269mm
Weight Main unit: 3.6kg
Power-source part: 2.4kg
Option L3 / L3A plug-in card (\600,000)