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MARK LEVINSON ML-6 1,180,000yen( It is 1 set in two sets, 1979 release)

Monophonic control amplifier borne by the route among which it puts into practice further, and to which the simple-ization is pushed and recommended based on ML-1L.

It has perfect monophonic composition including a power-source part. Moreover, the input/output carries only the minimum functionality only of a switchover (Phono/off/Line) of a volume and an input in one control each to phone amplifier and line amplifier.

The phone amplifier part had two kinds of System A4E of standard System A and another time.


Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic preamplifier
Stream composition * The stream composition by three modules
It is one piece to phone amplifier.
It is one piece to line amplifier.
It is one piece to the active filter for power sources.
Input impedance Phono System A3:50kohm / 100kohm (switching)
E:820ohms of Phono System A4 / 50kohm
Line: 11.5 or more kohms
Output load impedance Direct output: Less than 600ohms
Adjustable output: Less than 250ohms
Conformity load impedance Ten or more (Direct and Adjustable) kohm
Maximum output Direct output:6V
Adjustable output:8V
Gain Phone amplifier System A3:33dB/39dB (1kHz)
Phone amplifier System A4 of E:38dB/44dB
Line amplifier: 20dB
Level control 0--40dB, infinity
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 30W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 483x height 51x depth of 156mm
Power-source part: Width 101x height 101x depth of 256mm
Weight Main unit: 2.3kg
Power-source part: 2.2kg