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This monaural power amplifier was developed without any compromise in pursuit of the quality of the power amplifier.

Complimentary service push-pull circuit with pure class A operation method for all stages is adopted. In order to make the sound as pure as possible, the power supply occupies 2 / 3 of the whole and has a current supplying capacity of 7A.

100W is guaranteed for 2 Ω load, and 4 times more power is obtained as the theoretical value of bridge connection. The structure is designed to be perfect.

Input jacks include LEMO and Canon connectors, and an Inverting input jack for bridge connection.

Model Rating
Type Monaural power amplifier
Circuit Complimentary service push-pull circuit by pure class A operation at all stages
Rated output 100W (2 Ω)
50W (4 Ω)
25W (8 Ω, 20 Hz to 20 kHz, THD 0.1% or less)
200W (4 Ω, bridge connected)
100W (8 Ω, bridge connected)
Input impedance 100k Ω
Output terminal 2 systems (parallel connection)
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption Approx. 400W
External dimensions Width 483x Height 216x Depth 546 mm
Weight Approximately 30 kg