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MARK LEVINSON ML-12L 720,000yen(1982 release)

Control amplifier developed only supposing using it in ML-11L and a pair.

A power-source part is not carried, it is the design which receives a powering from ML-11L with two DC cables, and it is aiming at the reduction of the cost, securing performance.

A basic circuit and using component partses are made equivalent to ML-10L, and the gain of a MC/man month cartridge and a switching of an impedance can be operated with an internal switchpoint and a loading socket.

In order to raise the purity of sound, the volume on either side is made separate.

When using ML-11L on a bridge, the operation which received the powering from two set of ML-11L, and was stabilized more is possible.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo control amplifier
Gain Phone amplifier: 42dB, 53dB, 63dB (it changes with an internal switchpoint)
Line amplifier: 6dB
Input impedance Phone amplifier: 50kohm (it changes with an internal loading socket)
Line amplifier: 30kohm
Conformity load impedance Phone amplifier (Tape out): Ten or more kohm
More than line amplifier (Main out) 10kohm
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions Width 483x height 51x depth of 248mm
Weight 4.5kg