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MARK LEVINSON ML-10L 850,000yen(1981 release)

Control amplifier with which the design which considered much more flexibility was performed while taking in everywhere the know-how attained by ML-7L.

In order to correspond also to MC cartridge, the switching scheme by an internal switchpoint is adopted.
A phone amplifier input impedance can be united with the optimum value of a using cartridge by substitution of the loading component of an option.

A tapes value monitor is enriched and also the Rec out defeet switchpoint is carried in the front panel.

Wooden cases are attached.

Rating of a mode
Form Preamplifier
Gain Phone amplifier: 42dB/53 dB/63dB (switching by an internal switchpoint)
Line amplifier: 17dB/seven dB (switching by a front panel switch)
Input impedance Phone amplifier: 50kohm, 11.5kohm, 825ohm, 200ohm, 160ohm, 30ohm
(Switching by an internal switchpoint)
Line amplifier: 15 or more kohms
Conformity load impedance Phone amplifier (Tape out): Ten or more kohm
Line amplifier (Main out): Ten or more kohm
Maximum output Phone amplifier: 6V
Line amplifier: 6V
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions Width 483x height 51x depth of 219mm
Weight 5.9kg