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Marantz SD420 59,800yen(1982 release)

The stereo cassette deck which jumps over music to listen to to 30 music approximately and in which an one-shot automatic music selection is possible.

Dolbey B/C is carried as a noise reduction system.

There are two kinds, gold and silver.

There was wired remote control as an option option.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Track form Four tracks Two channels
Head Recording play: Super hard metal alloy
Erasure: 2 gap ferrite
Frequency characteristic 30Hz-17kHz±3dB (metal tape)
Wow and flutter 0.038%(WRMS)
±0.07%W-Peak (EIAJ)
SN ratio 58dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/600 ohm
Line: 70mV / 50kohm
Dimensions Width 416x height 100x depth of 300mm
Weight 5.5kg
Option Remote Control unit RMC-1 (6,000yen)