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Marantz CDR630 165,000yen (around the 1998 time)

Business-use compact-disk recorder corresponding to CD-Recordable/CD-RW.

Full conformance of CDR630 is carried out to Red Book, Orange Book PartII, and Orange Book PartIII, and all the compact-disk medias of compact disk (CD-DA) / CD-Recordable/CD-RW are availables. A CD-Recordable disk is renewable by a general compact disk player after a finalize. Moreover, if a CD-RW disk is a compact disk player corresponding to CD-RW which will appear from now on, it will become renewable after a finalize.

The XLR analog input, the RCA analog I/O, and the digital (coaxial/light) input/output are carried.

The compact disk-Sync sound-recording functionality which starts a sound recording is carried in a play and concurrent of the source.

The sampling-rate converter is carried and the sampling frequency also supports the sources, such as 32kHz and 48kHz.
Moreover, a selection of the digital full sound recording of 1:1 which bypassed the sampling-rate converter in the time of a 44.1kHz digital signal input is attained, and the disk manufacture with a higher quality is possible. A digital full copy corresponds, only when the digital source is 44.1Khz±100ppm.

The track increment functionality in which the 2 modes of auto and a manual can be chosen is carried.
In auto mode, since input level is detected, the analog source can also write in a track number automatically.

When using a digital media for the source, a track number or start ID is recognized automatically.

The design of a 19 inches of EIA x2U rack-mounted size is adopted.

Wireless remote control and the volume only for headphone are carried.


Rating of a mode
Form compact-disk recorder
System Compact disk digital audio
The number of channels Two-channel stereo
An applicable disk compact disk (CD-DA), CD-Recordable, CD-RW
Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
It is S/N at the time of a play. 105dB
It is a dynamic range at the time of a play. 98dB
It is a total-amount harmonic distortion at the time of a play. 85dB
It is S/N at the time of a sound recording. 90dB
It is a dynamic range at the time of a sound recording. 95dB
It is a total-amount harmonic distortion at the time of a sound recording. 85dB
Analog input XLR: A +4/-10dBu selection / 30kohm
(No. 2 hotness, No. 3 cold)
RCA: 500mVrms/50kohm
Digital input 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
(32kHz - 48kHz automatic sample-rate translation)
Line-output voltage 2Vrms stereo
Digital output Coaxial: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohm
optical -- output:-19dBm
Headphone 0 - 5Vrms / 8-2000ohm
The disk which can be recorded CD-Recordable, CD-RW
Digital full sound recording (1:1) 44.1kHz±100ppm
Auto start recording play Start delay time: 150ms - 400ms
PQ timing displacement: Six frames (80ms)
Finalize TOC writing Two X (being 74 フンディスク about 2 minutes)
CD-RW erasure All the tracks (being a 74-minute disk about 2 minutes)
The last track unit of measure (divisor second)
Operating temperature 5 degrees C - 30 degrees C
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Width 483x height 88x depth of 310mm
Weight 4.7kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control
Audio cable
Digital coaxial cable
AC power cable