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Marantz CD-95 180,000yen(1988 release)
164,000yen(around the 1989 time)

The compact disk player which concentrated compact-disk developer's technology, and the essence of the know-how, and realized high completeness.

In a D-A-conversion circuitry, the Philips Marantz develops uniquely, and is constituted from original LSI (TDA-1541A S-1) to which the enhancement was come in piles.
This TDA-1541A S-1 is the selected type further selected carefully out of Philips's newest device A version, and the crown multiple asynchronously communicating hosts is stamped with the model number.
This has usually guaranteed 1least significant bit on level 0.5 least significant bits covering total-temperature width at the time of a very small signal.

The stream composition of a D-A conversion carries two digital analog converters per channel, and, moreover, has adopted the push pull D-A-conversion scheme.
Two converters serve as combination of a right phase and negative phase, and a wave is compounded through here. An inphase component is canceled, an eventh included low distortion is also offset by it and the concurrent, and they reduce the hum and the super-low-pass noise sharply.

In order to employ the performance of single compact disk in the maximum efficiently, the sensor detected 12cmCD and 8cmCD and the span of a servo operation was switched by the circuit constant, and it has set up so that the operating point may turn into the middle point.

The drive mechanism has adopted CDM-1 type which the Philips Marantz developed.
It is a swing arm pickup of 1 beam scheme borne by the way of thinking different from the usual linear-tracking. The lens is an RODENSTOCK glass, and aberration is excellent in the temperature characteristic few, and it is raising pickup capacity.
Moreover, the samarium cobalt magnet was adopted as the linear motor used as the source of power, and the servo system which controls a swing arm, the conjointly smooth and positive bit, and the race are realized.
Moreover, the die-casting base is adopted for a rigid improvement, and the influence of an extraneous vibration etc. is suppressed.

A stream composition called the large-sized transformer which is equal to power amplifier, and the electrolytic capacitor of 68,000 micro Fx2 is adopted as a power-source part. New materials were adopted especially as the electrolytic capacitor, and the tone-quality serious consideration type is selected carefully and adopted as it.
Moreover, the power transformer divided the secondary winding into the object for digital circuits, the object for audio circuitries, and display-device circuitries, and has achieved independent-ization.
The noise which a regulator circuitry also adopts a discrete stream composition and is related to a power-source part is eliminated.

The product made from die-casting is adopted as a chassis, and also the oscillation is suppressed by considering it as the firm sandwich construction which consists of a sole plate of the side panel made from die-casting, and 3mm thickness.
Moreover, the ARC (Aluminium Faft Ceiling) structure original with a Marantz is adopted as a top cover, and strength improvement and an oscillation mode diffusion are aimed at by considering it as 3 piece structures where the Raft (raft) cut was performed.
Furthermore, it is isolated from a rotation system and the preamplifier for laser signals usually mounted in a mechanism is suppressing the influence of an oscillation.

In order to prevent a harmful cross interferencee with vibration proof, paying attention to the circuit layout, a digital circuit, the audio circuitry, the servo circuitry, the microcomputer, and the display-device circuitry are considered as the substrate stream composition which became independent, respectively.

Two digital outputs of a coaxial are equipped as it is optical.

If filing bank"FTS" other than the usual random access special NetWare program (20 music) is carried and memory of the special NetWare program is carried out once, even if it turns off the power, it can file semipermanently.

Remote control is equipped standardly.


Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
<Audio property>
The number of channels Two channels
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20000Hz±0.1dB
Dynamic range 96dB or more
SN ratio 104dB
Channel separation 100dB or more (1000Hz)
THD 0.0015%(1000Hz)
Wow and flutter Quartz-crystal precision
Error correcting system Cross Interleaved Reed-solomon code (cross interleaved Reed-Solomon code)
Voice output 2 V=RMS Stereo
Digital output Pin jack: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms
Square-shaped light connector: -19dBm+4.5 -2.0 dBm
<Optical reading scheme>
Laser AIGaAs semiconductor
Wavelength 780nm
<Signal synopsis>
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Quatization A 16-bit linear / channel
Permissible operating temperature + 5 degrees C - +35 degrees C
Permission operation humidity 5 to 90% (there needs to be no dew condensation)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption About 30W
Dimensions Width 454x height 86x depth of 330mm
Maxima: Width 454x height 106x depth of 357mm
Weight 13.8kg
Adjunct Remote control