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Marantz CD-94Limited 160,000yen(around the 1988 time)

The limited model which aimed at the top quality as a gold version of compact-disk-94.

The D-A-conversion part carries 16-bit digital-analog-converter LSI-TDA1541 which operates by oversampling compact-disk developer's 4 original times, and has 16-bit-ized all digital decoders.
Furthermore, since TDA1541 is L-R independent dual DAC which equips the digital analog converter only for Lch-Rch, it banished phase gap of right and left to the super-high region, and has attained the wide band property and dynamic range which amount to 30kHz.

CDM-1 mechanism employed as compact-disk drive mechanism is tuned up and carried.
The likelihood of the tone-quality failure by oscillation is eliminated by the rigid improvement by additional of a reinforcement rib, and separate independence setting of the preamplifier for laser signals.

The digital output which can carry out a digital transmission to the separate type digital analog converter of CDA-94 etc. is carried.
It was standardized by the digital audio interface format and the optical output and the 75-ohm coaxial output support all the digital analog converters with an isomorphous-type input terminal.

The circuit layout has banished the wraparound of a noise with careful attention to the cross interferencee of digital one and an analog.
Moreover, as a measure against an oscillation / vibration, heavy weight class die-casting was adopted as the chassis, the griddle of 3mm thickness was adopted as the sole plate, and the creativity of filling up the room inside a large-sized insulator with Portland cement further is put.

compact-disk filing bank FTS which can carry out program memory of the 150 compact disks eternally is begun, and functionalities, such as a shuffle play with remote control, are carried.

CDM-1 Die-casting

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Digital analog converter The 4 time oversampling digital filter of a 16-bit
L/R independent 2DAC
Filter The 3rd Bessel filter
Frequency characteristic 2Hz-20kHz±0.1dB
Dynamic range 96dB or more
SN ratio 104dB or more
Channel separation 100dB or more
THD 0.0015%
Wow and flutter Quartz-crystal precision
The maximum Dimensions Width 462x height 107x depth of 355mm
Weight 12kg
Adjunct Remote control