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Marantz CD-80 90,000yen(1989 release)

The compact disk player which threw in the newest devices, such as S1 type digital analog converter and a CDM-1MkII mechanism, and was born.

TDA1541 A-S1 of S1 type which selected carefully what was further excellent from the newest A version and on which the crown multiple asynchronously communicating hosts was inscribed is used for a D-A-conversion part. In compact-disk-80, the signal fed from the 4 time oversampling digital filter of the 16-bit is changed into the analog signal with S1 device of a L/R independency. This has eliminated the detrimental constituent peculiar to digital one, such as zero cross distortion.

The CDM-1MkII mechanism which adopted the strong die-casting frame and the super-lifetime brushless hall motor is carried in the mechanism part. Furthermore, the Read performance excellent in making the whole mechanism into a perfect floating by the damper and a spring is realized.
Moreover, it is adopting the swing arm scheme which allotted the wait to the rear unlike the usual linear tracking, and always stabilized signal reading is possible.
Access time is further raised to the servo circuitry by adopting newly developed servo IC.

Strong die-casting is adopted as a main chassis. Moreover, the metal plate of 3mm thickness is used for a nonmagnetic aluminum plate and a bottom at a top plate, and the original AUF (Antivibrating Unified Frame) structure is formed with the side panel made from die-casting.
Moreover, the heavy weight class insulator made from aluminum is adopted.

The large-sized transformer is adopted as a power source, and the cross interferencee between circuitries is intercepted by considering it as the separate structure which supplies a power source independently to each of servo system / analog system / digital system / display device.
Moreover, source impedance is sharply reduced by using a cerafine type especially for a capacitor. Furthermore, strict sorting articles including a special maid are adopted as the part of each circuitry, and high-quality sound-ization, such as doubling the thickness of copper of a signal path, is attained to it in the required part.

DC coupling stream composition is adopted as an output stage, and since the capacitor which intercepts a direct current component is unnecessary, there is no failure of a signal.

The original FTS functionality which can program semipermanently on a 126-sheet (as special NetWare program of five per sheet) disk is carried.

Functionalities, such as a 20 music special NetWare program, five kinds of edit functionalities, a random play, and AMS (Automatic Music Scan), are carried.

The Dima functionality which the luminosity of a display device can adjust is carried.

In addition to a fixture and variable analog output, the digital output of light and a coaxial is carried.

35 key full remote control is carried. Dima and AMS serve as a functionality of only remote control.

Two kinds of colour variations, gold and black, occur.


Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Filter The 3rd Bessel filter
Channel Two channels
Frequency characteristic 2Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic range 96dB or more
SN ratio 100dB
Channel separation 100dB or more (1kHz)
THD 0.004%(1kHz)
Wow and flutter Quartz-crystal precision
Analog output 2Vrms
Digital output Coaxial: 0.5 Vp-p
Optical: -19dBm
Laser AlGaAs semiconductor
Wavelength 780nm
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Quatization A 16-bit linear / channel
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
The maximum Dimensions Width 454x height 136x depth of 363mm
Weight 15.0kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control