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Marantz CD-60 65,000yen(1989 release)

The compact disk player which inherited the technology and know-how of the high-end model, and was developed.

TDA1541A which was rich in the linearity in Loule Bell with the high order accuracy is used for a D-A-conversion part, and the outstanding resolution has been obtained by adoption of the 4 time oversampling digital filter of the 16-bit excellent in a phase and the frequency characteristic.
Moreover, low-noise operational amplifier is used for a filter circuit.

The circuit board has adopted the computer-aided design and that including a digital analog converter have eliminated the signal failure, making full use of a surface mounting technology.

CDM-4M [ newly developed ] is carried in the mechanism part. The floating of the whole mechanism is carried out from a chassis, and it is intercepted from the oscillation. Moreover, the special resin of glass-fiber mixing is adopted as a laser pickup, and exact tracking is made possible, without being influenced by oscillation.

Honeycomb structure excellent in shock resistance is made the main chassis, and rigidity is secured by the newly developed triangle construction that supports all contacts by a three-position.
Moreover, metal material is used for a top plate or a bottom, and the firm structure is formed in a side panel by using die-casting. Furthermore, the copper plating is given to the screw.

Even if a maximum of 126 kinds of special NetWare programs turn off the power (as five per sheet), FTS by which memory is carried out is carried.

The edit mode which can perform the edit united with the length of a special-NetWare-program play of 20 music or a tapes, and AMS (Automatic Music Scan) are carried.

In addition to a fixture and variable analog output, the digital output of light and a coaxial is carried.

33 key wireless remote control is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Filter The 3rd Bessel filter
Channel Two channels
Frequency characteristic 2Hz - 20kHz
Dynamic range 96dB or more
SN ratio 100dB
Channel separation 100dB or more (1kHz)
THD 0.004%(1kHz)
Wow and flutter Quartz-crystal precision
Analog output 2Vrms
Digital output Coaxial: 0.5 Vp-p
Optical: -19dBm
Laser AlGaAs semiconductor
Wavelength 780nm
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Quatization A 16-bit linear / channel
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
The maximum Dimensions Width 454x height 117x depth of 288mm
Weight 6.6kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control