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Marantz CD-15 390,000yen(around the 1994 time)

The compact disk player of the Marantz brand highest peak which supplied the technology according Philips's famous compact-disk-player LHH series to a viewpoint original with a Marantz at the base, and was developed.

DAC7 of the bit stream scheme D/A converter which is proud of the outstanding linearity is carried.
By the differential part of three stages, an inphase noise is offset thoroughly and the reverberation and harmonic overtone of sound are pulled out.
Moreover, the Marantz measured the important topic about a tone quality again anew, and only what cleared severe criteria is used for TDA1547 which constitutes a 1-bit converter part. In this way, the star multiple asynchronously communicating hosts is stamped on TDA1547 sorted out as a proof of "Selected by Marantz".

The slew rate higher than the conventional OP amp is gained having adopted HDAM original with a Marantz as an analog output circuit, and maintaining the freedom of a design of a discrete.
Moreover, outstanding S/N is gained with thermal stability and the high shielding performance.

Philips's original 1 beam swing arm mechanism CDM-4micro disk is adopted as a mechanism part.
Furthermore, newly developed IC is supplied as servo system or an object for decoders, and the play capacity of a disk with a crack etc. is improved.

The power-source part has adopted 2 transformer schemes, the toroidal transformer of large capacity and low leakage magnetic flux was used for the main power source, and the transformer for exclusive use is adopted as the vacuum-fluorescent-tube power source used as a noise source.
This has eliminated the electric influence on a music signal.

The power-source part, the indicator, the analog block, the D-A-conversion part, etc. are shielded with the copper plating steel plate, respectively.
Moreover, high vibration suppression nature has been obtained according to the structure which used as the base the die-casting chassis which gave the copper plating.

The two-step display-device-off switchpoint is carried.

Internal CDM-4MD
Power-source Star HDAM

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disc player
Channel Two channels
D-A-conversion scheme A 1-bit linear / channel
Frequency characteristic Line Out(RCA): 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
Balanced(XLR): 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
Dynamic range 96dB
SN ratio 108dB
Channel separation 100dB or more (20Hz - 20kHz)
THD 0.00135%(1kHz)
Wow and flutter Quartz-crystal precision
An Output voltage/impedance Line Out (RCA): 2 VRMS/150ohm
Balanced (XLR): 3 VRMS/150ohm
Conformity load impedance
Line Out(RCA): Ten or more kohm
Balanced(XLR): Ten or more (to RCA) kohm
600ohms or more (to XLR)
Digital output Coaxial: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohm
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions Width 454x height 138x depth of 360mm
Weight 16.8kg
Adjunct Remote control