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Marantz SR4300 45,000yen(November, 2002 release)

The AV amplifier which carries the decode corresponding to abundant surround.

Surround, such as Dolby digital EX, Dolby prologic IBM PCN II, digital termination service-error second, and digital termination service-Neo:6, is supported.
Moreover, circle surround IBM PCN II as for which even the monophonic source is made to 6.1ch,HT-EQ (home theater equalizer) which realizes TruSurround in which a surround play is possible, a multichannel stereo (6ch), and a natural words play with two speakers is carried.

Discrete power amplifier is carried in all the 6ch. The power amplifier part has realized the play frequency of 100kHz, and also supports the super audio.

The audio-video selector & Athy Nabeul digital input termination is carried.

The digital output termination is carried.

6. Carry 1ch pre out and the 6.1ch direct input terminal.

The screw type speaker terminal is adopted as all the channels.

System remote control is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form AV amplifier
Surround mode DTS
DTS-ES(Discrete 6.1/Matrix 6.1)
Dolby digital
Dolby digital EX
Dolby prologic
Dolby prologic IBM PCN II (Movie/Music)
multichannel stereo (6ch)
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz, 6ohms) Front: 95W+95W
Center: 95W
Surround: 95W+95W
Surround back center: 95W
Practical use maximum output (JEITA, 6ohms) Front: 125W+125W
Center: 125W
Surround: 125W+125W
Surround back center: 125W
Video input Composite: Four lines
S terminal: Two lines
Image output Composite: Two lines
S terminal: One line
Monitor output Composite: One line
S terminal: One line
Audio input
Analog Stereo: Seven lines
Multichannel: One line (6.1ch)
Digital Light: Two lines
Coaxial: Two lines
Audio output
Analog Stereo: Four lines
Pre out: One line (6.1ch)
Digital Light: One line
Coaxial: One line
Speaker output One line (6ch)
Headphone jack One line
External control system RC-5:IN/OUT
Power consumption 315W (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)
1.6W (standby power requirement)
Dimensions Width 440x height 164x depth of 365mm
Weight 12.5kg
Adjunct System remote control