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Simple and straight configuration control amplifier dedicated to high-purity signal transmission.

All blocks are fully push-pull pure class A DC unit amplifier to enhance bare characteristics.
In addition, in order to release the signal system from interference between unit amplifiers and channels, and fluctuation of power supply, the power supply section is strengthened to the level equivalent to a power amplifier, and 8 sets of independent power supply including 6 sets of shunt regulator which realizes 0 power source impedance are installed.

The equalizer circuit uses an NF-CR type with excellent dynamic range and transient response characteristics to realize stable ultra-low output impedance.

A balanced output terminal is installed in parallel with the pin jack.

The volume uses L/R independent variable high precision conductive system which does not require balance control, and the tone control uses push switch type which eliminates sound quality degradation and characteristic disturbance.

It is thoroughly simplified and equipped with two independent outputs, Flat Out and Tone Out.

Only parts carefully selected by hearing are used. The high-precision oxygen-free copper wire used for the wiring material uses a crimping method without using a connector, taking into consideration the deterioration of sound quality caused by solder materials, which is a problem in general soldering.

Model Rating
Type Stereo control console
Rated Output / Impedance Flat Out : 1.5V/50 Ω
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Phono1 : 2.5mV/47k Ω, 100k Ω
High Level : 150mV/47k Ω
Total harmonic distortion factor Not more than 0.002%
Frequency Response (RIAA) 20 Hz ~ 100 kHz + 0 -0.2 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (IHF-A) Phono:86dB
High Level:104dB
External dimensions Width 483x Height 138x Depth 468 mm
Weight 13.5kg