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Marantz SC-7 180,000yen

Control amplifier developed aiming at Low-TIM-izing.

Equalizer stage which takes charge of a build-out of recording characteristics while amplifying the weak output from a record,The cascode differential circuit according the first rank to low-noise FET -> it is good DC stream-composition equalizer stage of a transient in Darlington-connection SEPP and a low distortion about the 2nd step as phase inversion amplifier at a perfect push pull stream-composition amplifying circuit and an output stage. Furthermore, it has a low-noise property in FET of the first rank, and the extravagant thing of the Marantz requests for price quotations which arranged the good pair property also thermally and electrically is used for it. As a result, an S/N ratio is having selected carefully what has a precision good a property also for 90dB (IHF-A), in addition an equalizer element and high in the time of a 7.75mV input, and the RIAA deflection showing the accuracy of a record play has acquired the value of ±0.2dB (20Hz - 20kHz).

MC head amplifier is built in and, moreover, it is DC stream composition which uses low-noise FET for the first rank. Furthermore, the impedance of a feedback circuit is pressed down very low and the modification of the S/N ratio is aimed at.

To the deck of a Phono input and B, another source can completely be recorded independently from an AUX termination to each two decks at the deck of A, listening to FM music. By this, it also made the troublesomeness by the pin plug interconnection in the case of mutual dubbing to the deck from the deck cancel, and it not only expanded the deck play far, but improved the operationality at the time of a play.

In SC-7, in order to plan an impedance matching between a cartridge and amplifier, the impedance selector is carried.
In man-month type, it can adjust in five steps of 1kohm - 100kohm, and can adjust in MC type in four steps (10 ohms - 220 ohms).

In any sound fields, it has the try tone control which can always perform the room equalization of adoption. The good BAX type of a control property is used for tone amplifier with a stream composition called FET using DC differential-amplifier -> perfect push pull amplification ->SEPP. And in addition to BASS TREBLE, it has the MID control which can also perform an inside compass correction, and, moreover, 2kHz - 10 kHz and Low are switched for High to 500Hz - 100 Hz in a turnover frequency by a TURN-OVER switchpoint. Moreover, it has functionalities variegated from a room acoustic to a special-NetWare-program correction -- a tone correction can be added -- in the source under sound recording by the interlock with a TAPE-EQ switchpoint.

it is possible for even a switchpoint to come out, and for a phone signal not to pass along a tone circuitry, but to send to PRE-OUT direct with a tone it1 switchpoint.

The gold finish input/output terminal which prevents little volume control / tone-quality failure of a noise by the headphone amplifier / 4-unit type volume adoption of high-sensitivity first class 0.5W design is substantial.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo control amplifier
An Output power/impedance PRE-OUT: 1.5V/100 ohm
TAPE-OUT: 150mV/250 ohms
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono1and2 (man month) :2mV/1kohm, 10kohm, 27kohm, 47kohm, 100kohm
Phono2(MC): 200microvolt/10ohm, 47ohm, 100ohm, 220ohm
High SFT Level: 150mV/40kohm
THD 0.004% or less
Cross modulation distortion 0.004% or less
Frequency characteristic ±0.2dB (RIAA deflection, 20Hz - 20kHz)
+ 0, -0.1dB (High SFT Level, 20Hz - 20kHz)
4Hz - 120kHz (High SFT Level, +0, -1dB)
Input equalization noise 0.24 microvolt (Phono IHF-A)
Dynamic range 120dB
The Phono maximum input 250mV(MM 1kHz)
25mV(MC 1kHz)
Tone control ±10dB (low-pass 100Hz)
±6dB (mid range 800Hz)
±10dB (high region 10kHz)
Light-filter property 9kHz/18dBoct.(High)
Power consumption 45W
Power source 100V, 50/60Hz
Dimensions Width 416x height 146x depth of 244mm
Weight 10kg
Option Cabinet WC-75(walnut finish):7,000yen
WC-75N(mahogany finish):11,500yen