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This is a flagship model of AV amplifier developed based on original technology such as "Absolute SA Technology" aiming to correspond to high density source such as SACD.

The PS9200 is available in early and late versions : the early version supports the THX Ultra standard, the later version supports the THX Ultra2 standard, and only the later version adds playback modes such as THX Ultra2 Cinema and THX Music.
In addition, for the PS9200 sold by March 31, 2002, a version upgrade service was provided by rewriting the DSP and control software for a limited time.

The PS9200 supports multi-channel formats such as THX Surround EX 7.1 ch, DTS-ES Discrete6.1/Matrix6.1 and MPEG2 AAC, and realizes high performance by installing two high-precision 24-bit DSPs.

The dolby Pro LogicII, DTS Neo : 6 : 6, SRS Circle Surround 5.1, and other decoders that allow you to enjoy multi-channel surround of all 2 channel sources. You can also set the CINEMA/MUSIC mode for the appropriate decoding for movies / music.

The power amplifier section is equipped with a current feedback type high power discrete amplifier based on Marantz's original high sound quality technology "Absolute SA Technology". It is also compliant with Lucasfilm's THX Ultra2 and achieves the same performance for all seven channels.

The preamplifier section reduces noise by a low-impedance drive with a buffer amplifier and a low-distortion polysilicon resistor volume.

The D/A converter uses a 192 kHz / 24-bit DA converter (CS4396) made by Cirrus Logic for all channels.
For 2-channel playback, four DACs are used in double differential mode to achieve excellent music playback.

The power supply is equipped with a large toroidal transformer and a well-designed block Chemicon.

A block independent bus system is adopted in which the control bus for the microcomputer is separated for each block. In this system, a dedicated bus is provided for each block with different operation to prevent interference of excessive digital signals with other blocks. In addition, bus switches are provided for each function of the bus for the analog section, so that when it is not related to operation, it is disconnected from the bus line.

A video off mode that stops the operation of the video output processing circuit when music is played back, and a copper-plated chassis are installed to reduce noise.

Surround settings and basic settings can be freely set on the console by multi-dial.

On-screen menu functions up to component output are provided.

It is equipped with an HDCD decoder that can play HDCD software by digitally connecting to a CD player or DVD player.

It is equipped with a multi-room speaker-out function that enables you to use a surround back or a built-in surround amplifier for multi-room use.

It has a 7.1 channel direct input jack, and can be used as an AUX2 (stereo) input when the 7.1 channel input is not used.

Equipped with RS232C terminal.

It is equipped with video input / output terminals such as D4 terminal and 10-system Euterpe oleracea cable digital input terminals.

Equipped with an on-screen display function for multi-room output.

Equipped with a Euterpe oleracea navable DC trigger terminal that can operate in conjunction with devices such as projectors.

Equipped with an auto-adjust function that automatically adjusts to an appropriate value when there is an error in the speaker settings.

Equipped with a TV auto-on function that turns the power of the main unit on / off automatically depending on the presence or absence of a video signal.

It comes with a bi-directional GUI learning remote controller equipped with an LCD touch panel that allows you to graphically check the settings and operation status of the main body at hand.

Model Rating
Type AV amplifier
Surround Mode THX(CINEMA/THX 5.1)
THX Surround EX
DTS-ES(Discrete 6.1/Matrix 6.1)
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie/Music)
Multi-channel stereo (7 ch)
Rated Output (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, 6 Ω) Front : 160W + 160W
Center : 160W
Surround : 160W + 160W
Surround Back : 160W + 160W
Maximum Practical Power (JEITA, 6 Ω) Front : 210W + 210W
Center : 210W
Surround : 210W + 210W
Surround Back : 210W + 210W
Image input Composite : 7 systems
S terminal : 7 systems
Component : 2 lines
D-terminal : 2 systems
Video output Composite : 2 systems
S terminal : 2 systems
Monitor output Composite : 2 systems
S terminal : 2 systems
Component : 1 system
D-terminal : 1 system
Audio input
Analog Stereo : 11 channels
Multi-channel : 1 channel (7.1 ch)
Main in : Route 1 (7 ch)
Digital Light : Line 5
Coaxial : Line 5
Audio Out
Analog Stereo : 4 channels
Pre-out : 1 route (7.1 ch)
Digital Light : 1 system
Coaxial : 1 system
Speaker output Route 1 (7 ch)
Headphone port Route 1
Multiroom output Image : 1 system (composite)
Audio : 1 channel (analog stereo)
One speaker (stereo)
External control system RC-5 : IN/OUT, Multi Remote I/O
RS-232C for upgrades only
DC-Trigger : 2 Systems (Euterpe oleracea Navel)
Power consumption 420W (Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act)
0W (main power off)
External dimensions Width 455x Height 180x Depth 485 mm
Weight 22.3kg
Attachment Bi-directional GUI learning remote control
Detachable AC cable