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6.1 chAV amplifier equipped with current feedback type amplifier.

Supports Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie / Music / Emulated Pro Logic), DTS-ES (Discrete 6.1 / Matrix 6.1), DTS-Neo : 6 (Cinema / Music), and DTS96/24.
It is also equipped with Circle Surround II (Cinema / Music / Mono), which can convert a monaural source into 6.1 channels, TruSurround, MPEG2 AAC decoder, multi-channel stereo, and HT-EQ (home theater equalizer), which can play surround sound with two speakers.

All 6 channels are equipped with a current feedback type power amplifier. The power amplifier is also equipped with a wide-range design with a playback frequency of 100 kHz for super audio.

It is equipped with 32 bit powerful DSP CS49400 made by Cirrus Logic.

Equipped with AV selector, Euterpe oleracea slave, and digital input jacks.
In addition, a digital output terminal is mounted.

Equipped with 7.1 ch pre-out and 7.1 ch direct input.

All channels have screw-type speaker terminals.

Equipped with a wide-band component video selector for HDTV broadcasting.

Software upgrade by RS232C terminal is supported.

On-screen display capability.

A dot matrix display is used for the display.

There are 2 color variations, gold and black.

It comes with a learning remote controller with an LCD display equipped with a macro function that can send multiple commands together.

Model Rating
Type AV amplifier
Surround Mode DTS
DTS-ES(Discrete 6.1/Matrix 6.1)
DTS 96/24
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie/Music)
Multichannel Stereo (6 ch)
Rated Output (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, 6 Ω) Front : 130W + 130W
Center : 130W
Surround : 130W + 130W
Surround Back Center : 130W
Maximum Practical Power (JEITA, 6 Ω) Front : 160W + 160W
Center : 160W
Surround : 160W + 160W
Surround Back Center : 160W
Image input Composite : Line 5
S-Terminal : Line 5
Component : 2 lines
Video output Composite : 2 systems
S terminal : 2 systems
Monitor output Composite : 1 system
S terminal : 1 system
Component : 1 system
Audio input
Analog Stereo : 9 channels
Multi-channel : 1 channel (7.1 ch)
Digital Light : 4 systems
Coaxial : Route 3
Audio Out
Analog Stereo : 4 channels
Pre-out : 1 route (7.1 ch)
Digital Light : 1 system
Coaxial : 1 system
Speaker output Route 1 (6 ch)
Route 1 (2 ch)
Headphone port Route 1
Multiroom output Image : 1 system (composite)
Audio : 1 channel (analog stereo)
External control system RC-5 : IN/OUT, Multi Remote I/O
RS-232C for upgrades only
DC-Trigger : 2 Systems (Euterpe oleracea Navel)
Power consumption 480W (Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act)
0W (main power off)
External dimensions Width 440x Height 160x Depth 458 mm
Weight 14.7kg
Attachment Learning remote control with LCD