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Marantz PS7200 78,000yen(July, 2001 release)

The AV amplifier which aimed at the implementation of audio-video concept "pure surround" original with a Marantz as a direct descent machine of compatible-IBM-PS-17SA.

The 6.1ch mode and 6ch power amplifier corresponding to Dolby surround EX or digital termination service-error second software are built in.
Moreover, the MPEG 2 AAC decoder corresponding to BS digital broadcasting is carried.

The matrix format "Dolby prologic IBM PCN II" (a movie/music) is carried.

Circle surround Convergence-Sublayer5.1 adopted by compatible-IBM-PS-17SA is carried.

Virtual surround is supported.

6ch stereo is carried.

The discrete power amplifier of all the channel same power & responses is carried.

"HT-EQ" which rectifies words to home use, and TV auto-on which automates on/off of a power source with a video signal

An audio-video selector & Athy Nabeul digital input, a digital output termination and all the channel pre-out terminations, and the 6.1ch direct input terminal corresponding to SACD are carried.
Moreover, all the channel large-sized screw type speaker terminals are carried in the speaker termination.

The Liquid-Crystal-Display tutorial remote control with a macrofacility is carried.


Rating of a mode
Form AV amplifier
Practical use maximum output (EIAJ, 6ohms) Front: 160W+160W
Center: 160W
Rear: 160W+160W
Rear center: 160W
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz, 8 ohms, 6ch drives) Front: 105W+105W
Center: 105W
Rear: 105W+105W
Rear center: 105W
DA converter 24 bits, a 192kHz correspondence
Surround mode DTS
Dolby Digital
Dolby Pro-Logic IBM PCN II (a movie/music)
Dolby Pro-Logic
6. 1ch surround
6ch stereo
Circle surround
A theater, a hole, a stadium, a church, a virtual
Input terminal Audio: Four lines
Video system: Five lines
S video system: Five lines
Component video system: Two lines
Output-terminal Audio: Two lines
Video system: Three lines
S video system: Three lines
Component video system: One line
Pre out 6.1ch
Direct input 6.1ch
Digital input Light: Two lines
Coaxial: Three lines
Digital output Light: One line
Coaxial: One line
Multi-room output Audio: One line
Video system: One line
The maximum Dimensions Width 440x height 164x depth of 380mm
Weight 14.9kg
Adjunct Liquid-Crystal-Display tutorial remote control with a macrofacility