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An AV amplifier that pursues Marantz's "Pure Surround" AV concept.

Equipped with "6.1 Matrix" compatible with Dolby Surround EX and DTS-ES software. Also compatible with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS, MPEG2 AAC decoder, Virtual Surround and 6-channel stereo.

It is equipped with a discrete 6-channel amplifier of the same power and response utilizing the know-how of a pure audio amplifier.

Uses Silas Logic's DA converter, which is well known for pure audio applications.
The front 2 ch is equipped with a 192 kHz / 24-bit compatible element like the upper model, and the other channels are equipped with a 96 kHz / 24-bit type element.

Equipped with a large power transformer.

Equipped with an AV selector and Euterpe oleracea slave digital input.

Equipped with a digital output terminal.

All channel pre-out jacks are mounted.

Equipped with a 6.1 ch direct input terminal for super audio.

All channels have screw-type speaker terminals.

It comes with a pre-program ドリモコン that stores remote control signals such as TVs and videos of major manufacturers.

Model Rating
Type AV amplifier
Surround Mode DTS
DTS-ES(6.1ch Mode)
Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital EX (6.1 ch Mode)
Dolby Pro Logic
Dolby Pro Logic II (Movie/Music)
Multichannel Stereo (6 ch)
Rated Output (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, 6 Ω) Front : 90W + 90W
Center : 90W
Surround : 90W + 90W
Surround Back Center : 90W
Maximum Practical Power (JEITA, 6 Ω) Front : 135W + 135W
Center : 135W
Surround : 135W + 135W
Surround Back Center : 135W
Image input Composite : Line 5
S-Terminal : Line 5
Video output Composite : 2 systems
S terminal : 2 systems
Monitor output Composite : 1 system
S terminal : 1 system
Audio input
Analog Stereo : 8 channels
Multi-channel : 1 channel (6.1 ch)
Digital Light : 2 systems
Coaxial : 2 systems
Audio Out
Analog Stereo : 4 channels
Pre-out : 1 route (6.1 ch)
Digital Light : 1 system
Coaxial : 1 system
Speaker output Route 1 (6 ch)
Headphone port Route 1
External control system RC-5:IN/OUT
Power consumption 310W (Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act)
External dimensions Width 440x Height 164x Depth 425 mm
Weight 12.9kg
Attachment Pre-programmed system remote control