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AV amplifier equipped with 7 ch power amplifier and latest format.

It features surround decoders such as Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS96/24, Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES for Discrete 6.1 and Matrix 6.1, DTS Neo : 6 for 6.1 channel matrix format, and Circle Surround II for 6.1 channel matrix surround.

Equipped with AAC decoder, Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing is performed and 7.1 ch playback is also possible.

Equipped with the TruSurround Headphone, which allows you to enjoy multi-channel surround sound with headphones.
You can also enjoy 3D effects from mono and stereo sources.

Equipped with multi-channel stereo mode and virtual surround (TruSurround).

All 7 channels are equipped with the same straight-in-line power amplifier.

It is equipped with CS49400 which is 32 bit DSP made by Cirrus Logic Co.
This DSP, which supports from 5.1 ch to 7.1 ch, enables high-precision decoding of various surround formats.

The DA/AD converter uses a 192 kHz / 24-bit converter manufactured by Cirrus Logic.

In addition to the conventional setup function, the simple setup function is equipped, and all the setup is completed just by setting the body of the speaker, size and room size.
This function can be operated with either the cursor key or the remote control.

It can be used as Speaker B when the surround back speaker jack is not used.
This makes bi-amp drive possible.

Equipped with 7.1 ch direct external input terminal, compatible with analog multi-ch output terminal.
It also has a 7.1 ch pre-out terminal.

Equipped with HT-EQ (home theater equalizer), it is possible to compensate for differences between home theater and recorded sources with high frequencies emphasized for absorption on the screen in the movie theater.

You can switch the crossover frequency of the subwoofer in 3 levels of 80 hz, 100 hz and 120 hz.

Equipped with up converter (composite signal → S-Video) and down converter (S-Video → composite signal) of video signal.

Equipped with two wide-range component video selectors for HD-TV.

All channels have screw-type speaker terminals compatible with banana plugs.

A pre-program remote control is included.

Model Rating
Type AV amplifier
Surround mode, etc. Dolby Digital
Dolby Digital EX
Dolby ProLogic IIx
DTS 5.1
DTS ES(Discrete/Matrix)
DTS Neo:6
DTS 96/24
Circle Surround II
Multi-Channel Stereo(7.1ch)
Virtual Surround(TruSurround)
TruSurround Headphone
Rated Output (6 Ω) Front : 105W + 105W
Center : 105W
Surround : 105W + 105W
Surround Back : 105W + 105W
Maximum Practical Power (JEITA, 6 Ω) Front : 130W + 130W
Center : 130W
Surround : 130W + 130W
Surround Back : 130W + 130W
DAC 192kHz/24bit
Digital input Light : 2 systems
Coaxial : 2 systems
Digital output Light : 1 system
Coaxial : 1 system
Multichannel Direct Input 7.1ch
Pre-out 7.1ch
Analog input / output Input : 7 systems
Output : 4 systems
Headphone port Route 1
S terminal input / output Input : 2 systems
Output : 1 system
Composite input / output Input : 4 systems
Output : 1 system
Component input Route 2
Monitor output Component : 1 system
S terminal : 1 system
Composite : 1 system
Power consumption 320W (Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act)
0.8W (standby power)
Maximum external dimensions Width 440x Height 162.3x Depth 387.5 mm
Weight 12.0kg
Attachment Preprogrammed system remote control