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This is a pre-main amplifier with a tune amplifier based on the chassis construction of PM-90.

Newly developed technologies such as unified parts and high-speed modules for the SE Series have been introduced to further improve S/N and speaker drive performance.

A total of 10 HDAM modules, newly developed high-speed modules, are used.
This module is a high-speed voltage amplification module that achieves accurate signal amplification in a few seconds, improving the sense of density and speed of playback sound.

The power block uses a carefully selected new-model MOS FET and is composed of parallel push-pull.
The current drive capability is superior to that of conventional MOS FET when triple push-pull is used.

The volume part is improved in quality to 4-row active volume.
The variable gain range of the PM-99SE is greatly expanded by combining four active volumes with HDAM. In addition, the S/N ratio of the PM-99SE in actual use is improved by adopting a resistor rotating type volume component for low impedance specifications.

In pursuit of electromagnetic shielding capability and high rigidity, we have improved shielding capability and vibration damping by adopting low-foil electrolytic capacitor with copper shield, 70 μ - foil printed circuit board, silicon steel shield plate, side die-cast panel, copper plated die-cast chassis, and 3 mm thick top cover.

A large toroidal power transformer is used for the power supply section.

Model Rating
Type Stereo pre-main amplifier
Rated output
Class A operation :

Class AB operation :
60W + 60W (4 Ω)
40W + 40W (6 Ω)
30W + 30W (8 Ω)
200W + 200W (4 Ω)
160W + 160W (6 Ω)
130W + 130W (8 Ω)
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.005%
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz to 100 kHz + 0 -1dB
Signal-to-noise ratio High Level:111dB
Input terminal CD balance input : 1 system
Line input : 4 lines
Phono input : 1 system
DCC, Tape input : Route 3
Output terminal DCC, Tape outputs : Route 3
Speaker output : 1 system
Power consumption 350W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
External dimensions Width 454x Height 170x Depth 460 mm
Weight 26.0kg