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Marantz PM-80a 75,000yen(around the 1994 time)

The Integrated Amplifier which hits the succeeding machine of model PM-80 which continued long-term seller.
The technology adopted from high order models, such as a full-scale 3 amplifier stream composition, the new model MOS FET, 4-unit active volume, is introduced.

In order to press down distortion also to the input of the high-level sources, such as compact disk, and to maintain stability, 3 amplifier stream compositions which became independent about each amplifier block of a pre, a tone, and power are adopted.
Moreover, the first rank of each amplifier of an equalizer, a pre, and power serves as the same circuitry as HDAM.

Large-sized MOS FET is used for the ensemble of a power block by the parallel push pull, and high electric-current drive capacity is secured.
Moreover, the same circuitry as HDAM is constituted in the phone equalizer treating minute level.

The 4-unit active volume which has improved S/N of a real busy condition sharply is carried in the volume.
The same pre part of circuitry as HDAM a volume unit and really has composition, performed the copper shielding treatment and has gained high S/N.

The large-sized power transformer, and the special edition and the low double foil electrolytic capacitor of 15,000 micro Fx2 are adopted as a power-source part.
Moreover, the noise-killer element which absorbs a RF noise is adopted as an output power source and a voltage amplification part power source.

In order to improve rigidity, the chassis is pinched from both sub-s by the die-casting side panel.

There was also a black model besides a gold model.

Internal A
4-unit Noise-killer

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Output power
At the time of a Class-A operation : 35W+35W (4ohms)
25W+25W (6ohms)
20W+20W (8ohms)
At the time of AB class operation : 140W+140W (4ohms)
120W+120W (6ohms)
100W+100W (8ohms)
THD 0.005%
Frequency characteristic 10Hz-100kHz+0 -1 dB
SN ratio High Level:111dB
Input terminal Line input: Three lines
Phono input: One line
Tape input: Two lines
Output-terminal Tape output: Two lines
Speaker output: Two lines
Power consumption 250W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Dimensions Width 454x height 165x depth of 380mm
Weight 17.5kg