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A DC pre-main amplifier that pursues a low-TIM design not only for the power amplifier but also for the control amplifier.

A 3-stage direct SEPP output type is used for the equalizer stage. In addition, it has excellent low-noise characteristics, and Marantz special order FET with almost perfect matching of pair characteristics in thermal and electrical characteristics is used to obtain excellent SN ratio.
Also, the equalizer element is carefully selected to have good characteristics, and the RIAA characteristic is ± 0.2 dB.

The BAX tone amplifier is equipped with not only Bass/Treble but also Mid control for more precise sound field correction. In addition, the variable range can be changed with the Turn-Over switch.
Tone correction is also available for the source during recording in conjunction with the TapeEQ switch.

Newly developed Super Hi-f in the main amplifier sectionTTransistor is used.
This transistor is an element developed by combining LSI process technology and high-frequency power transistor technology. It has excellent high-frequency and switching characteristics, and has sufficient amplification performance up to an ultra-wide range.

A power transformer is installed for pre-power and power respectively.
In particular, a large power transformer is used, an independent power source system on the left and right sides is adopted, and a 15,000 μ Fx4 large-capacity capacitor of Hi-Fi design is adopted.

Equipped with 2-system record selector.
For example, while listening to FM, you can record completely different sources on each of the two decks, such as Phono input on the A deck and Aux on the B deck.

Equipped with a cartridge load selector, it is possible to match the impedance of the cartridge with that of the amplifier.
For the PM-8, the input impedance can be selected from five levels for the MM type and four levels for the MC type.

Equipped with MC head amplifier.

Marantz's original energy sensor protection circuit is mounted.

Comes with a wood cabinet.

Model Rating
Type Stereo pre-main amplifier
Rated output
(20 Hz to 20 kHz, both channel drive)
150W + 150W (8 Ω)
190W + 190W (4 Ω)
Output bandwidth 5 Hz ~ 100 kHz (8 Ω load, THD 0.05%)
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.01% or Less (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, 8 Ω Load)
Cross modulation distortion factor 0.01% or less
Frequency characteristic + 0, -0.2 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
5 Hz to 100 kHz (+ 0, -1dB)
Damping factor 100 or More (8 Ω Load)
Input Sensitivity / Impedance Main amplifier input : 1.5V/80k Ω
phono1, phono2 mm : 2mV/1k Ω, 10k Ω, 27k Ω, 47k Ω, 100k Ω
phono2 mc : 200 μ V/10 Ω, 47 Ω, 100 Ω, 200 Ω
High Level : 150mV/40k Ω
Rated Output / Impedance PRE OUT : 1.5V/100 Ω
TAPE OUT : 150mV/250 Ω
RIAA deviation ± 0.2 dB (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
Input equalization noise 0.24 μ V (phono / IFF-A)
Dynamic range 120dB(phono)
Tone control characteristics ± 10 dB (Low Frequency 100 Hz)
± 6 dB (Mid Range 800 Hz)
± 10 dB (high frequency 10 kHz)
Filter characteristics High:9kHz/18dBoct.
Power consumption Maximum output : 850W
Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law : 400W
Pwer 100 V, 50/60Hz
External dimensions Width 416x Height 146x Depth 437 mm
Weight 26kg
Sold Separately Cabinet WC-76 (Walnut Finish, ¥ 8,000)
WC-76N (Mahogany Finish, ¥ 12500)
Dedicated Rack Handle RHA-7 (¥ 7,000)