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Pre-main amplifier with graphic equalizer.

The front panel is equipped with an independent 5-element graphic equalizer on the left and right.
Each of the 5-point frequencies can be controlled by ± 10 dB, and it is possible to create the desired sound quality by correcting the acoustic characteristics of the listening room.
You can also adjust the recording source by turning on the Tape EQ switch located in the center of the graphic equalizer.

It is equipped with 2 headphone jacks.
It also has a Normal/High level switch that can double the volume of your headphones, so you can use any type of headphones.

Equipped with an ultra low-noise, high-gain equalizer to which the MC cartridge can be directly connected.

Built-in L (linear) servo, which is an original new circuit.
This circuit is a comprehensive circuit of DC servo and distortion servo. It compares the input and output of the main amplifier and extracts and cancels components that are not included in the input signal, such as noise, DC components, and distortion caused by loss due to influence of output transmission path (coil relay, etc.) and back electromotive force of the speaker.

Model Rating
Type Stereo pre-main amplifier
Rated Output (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz) 80W + 80W (8 Ω)
Total harmonic distortion factor (at rated output) 0.015%
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz to 70 kHz ± 1 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio Phono MM:90dB
Phono MC:78dB
DF Value 250
Center frequency 50 Hz, 200 Hz, 800 Hz, 3.2 kHz, 12.8 kHz
External dimensions Width 416x Height 117x Depth 329 mm
Weight 8.5kg