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Marantz PM-64AV 60,700yen(around the 1989 time)

The Integrated Amplifier which corresponded also to CDV and carries an image termination. It has nine voice and an input/output terminal of four images.

In order to send out without leaving the quality of CDV, highly precise-ization of a video chain is pursued.
Image amplifier has adopted the perfect discrete stream composition by the independent substrate which carried out the separation to the audio system. Moreover, a stream-composition part thinks as important and selects the property of a video signal band carefully, it excels in a substrate at a RF property, and the vibration proof effect is also using the high paper polyesters substrate.
Moreover, between input/output terminals was connected with the video-system amplifier board by the shortest distance by the newly developed video-system short circuit, the cross interferencee was eliminated thoroughly, and the crosstalk is improved to the RF area which also amounts to 3MHz - 4MHz.
Furthermore, CDV, VCR, etc. supplied the power source independently to each amplifier of the image, and the differential input direct-drive is realized.

The audio and the video system were used as the full independence power source, and the cross interferencee is eliminated from the power-source part.
Moreover, the Mie diffusion type transistor excellent in large-current drive capacity is adopted as a power device.

The frequency curve of the inside bass region was controlled and two positions of audio-video sound switchpoints which raise a presence are equipped.
audio video SOUND 1 raises super-low-pass one of 50Hz or more, and it is reproducing the presence of music sources, such as the live.
audio video SOUND 2 raises the inside low-pass below "200Hz - 300Hz", and it can enjoy movie software in a powerful sound.

compact-disk direct switchpoint which can use the input signal of compact-disk-1 in the shortest path of volume -> flat amplifier -> power amplifier is carried.

The copy switchpoint which can do dubbing of a tapes 1->2 in one-touch is carried.

The rear panel is equipped with the selector which can carry out the stereo / monophonic change of the voice input/output of VCR2.

The speaker selector which can turn on and off the speaker outputs 1/2 independently is equipped.

Main product lines used the OFC (oxygen free high conductivity copper) line, and the gilding termination is adopted as compact-disk-1/2, and a phone input.
Moreover, the using part, such as adopting a copper plating screw as all the screws, throws in the part chosen by the severe hearing.


Rating of a mode
Form The Integrated Amplifier corresponding to CDV
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz) 110W+110W (4ohms)
90W+90W (6ohms)
Dynamic power 150W+150W (4ohms)
110W+110W (6ohms)
THD 0.015%
Frequency characteristic 18Hz - 70kHz
S/N ratio (IHF-A) CD:96dB
Video-system rated input/output 1 Vp-p/75ohms
Video-system S/N ratio 75dB or more
Power source 100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 150W
Dimensions Width 416x height 136x depth of 366mm
Weight 10kg