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This pre-main amplifier is compatible with CDV and equipped with video terminals. It is equipped with input / output terminals for 9 audio systems and 4 video systems.

We are pursuing higher precision video circuits in order to deliver the full quality of CDV.
The video amplifier is a fully discrete configuration with an independent board separated from the audio system. The constituent parts are carefully selected with an emphasis on the characteristics of the video signal band, and a paper polyester board with excellent high-frequency characteristics and high anti-vibration effect is used for the board.
In addition, a newly developed video short circuit connects the video amplifier board and the input / output terminal at the shortest distance, completely eliminating mutual interference and reducing crosstalk in the high frequency range from 3 mhz to 4 mhz.
In addition, the CDV, VCR and other video amplifiers are supplied with power independently to realize a differential input direct drive.

Audio and video are completely independent power sources, eliminating interference from the power supply.
A triple-diffused transistor with excellent high-current drive capability is also used for power devices.

It is equipped with 2 positions of AV sound switch which controls the frequency curve of middle and low sound range and improves the sense of presence.
AV SOUND 1 enhances the ultra-low frequency range of 50 Hz or higher to reproduce the reality of music sources such as live music, while AV SOUND 2 enhances the mid-low frequency range of 200 Hz to 300 Hz or lower to enjoy movie software with a powerful sound.

Equipped with a CD direct switch that can use the CD-1 input signal in the shortest path from volume to flat amplifier to power amplifier.

Equipped with a copy switch that allows one touch dubbing of tapes 1 → 2.

The rear panel is equipped with a selector that can switch the audio input and output of the VCR2 between stereo and monaural.

Equipped with a speaker selector that can turn on / off the speaker output 1/2 independently.

OFC (oxygen-free copper) wire is used for main wiring, and gold plated terminals are used for CD-1/2 and phono inputs.
In addition, the parts used are selected through strict hearing, such as using copper plated screws for all the screws.

Model Rating
Type CDV compatible pre-main amplifier
Rated Output (20 Hz ~ 20 kHz) 110W + 110W (4 Ω)
90W + 90W (6 Ω)
Dynamic Power 150W + 150W (4 Ω)
110W + 110W (6 Ω)
Total harmonic distortion factor 0.015%
Frequency characteristic 18 Hz to 70 kHz
S/N ratio (IHF-A) CD:96dB
Video rated input / output 1Vp-p/75 Ω
Video S/N ratio 75 dB or more
Pwer 100 V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 150W
External dimensions Width 416x Height 136x Depth 366 mm
Weight 10kg