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Marantz PM-54DS 51,400yen(around the 1989 time)

the Integrated Amplifier which was alike and adhered to the pure thing to do for a music play.

The Mie diffusion type transistor excellent in large-current drive capacity was adopted as the power-source part, and high power and high-slew-rate-ization are attained.

In order to employ the original property of compact disk efficiently, the S/N ratio is improved as a direct coupling stream composition according the high-level input stage into which compact disk is inputted to low-noise FET.
Moreover, in order to make more excellent signal transmission possible, compact-disk direct switchpoint is carried.
The input signal of compact-disk-1 jumps a selector, a balance, etc., links them with flat amplifier directly from a volume, and is played in the shortest path.

A phone input can be switched to man-month position and MC position with a selector.

The copy switchpoint which can do dubbing of a tapes 1->2 in one-touch is carried.

The speaker selector which can turn on and off the speaker outputs 1/2 independently is equipped.

Main product lines used the OFC (oxygen free high conductivity copper) line, and the gilding termination is adopted as compact-disk-1/2, and a phone input.
Moreover, the using part, such as adopting a copper plating screw as all the screws, throws in the part chosen by the severe hearing.


Rating of a mode
Form The Integrated Amplifier corresponding to digital one
Output power (20Hz - 20kHz) 110W+110W (4ohms)
90W+90W (6ohms)
Dynamic power 150W+150W (4ohms)
110W+110W (6ohms)
THD 0.015%
Frequency characteristic 18Hz - 70kHz
S/N ratio CD:96dB
Phono MM:85dB
Phono MC:75dB
Power source 100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 150W
Dimensions Width 416x height 136x depth of 366mm
Weight 9.5kg