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Marantz PM-50 45,000yen(around the 1989 time)

The model which put the basics of the Integrated Amplifier into practice, and was pierced through and developed.

The mass capacitor of 15,000 micro Fx2 was carried in the power-source part, and the stable current supply source is realized.
Moreover, mixing of the noise is prevented also in consideration of the separation of a power circuit, or the layout of the circumference of a power source.

In order to employ the personality of an analog record efficiently, the phone equalizer by low-noise FET and IC for audios is adopted. Not only man-month type cartridge but MC type is supported.

The master volume and the Source-Direct switchpoint connected direct are carried from the selector switch. Thereby, all the sources can be heard in the status that it linked with power amplifier directly.

An input terminal carries five lines and the tapes input/output terminal carries two lines.
Apart from the usual source selector, a tapes monitor switch can perform an edit on tapeses 1-2 easily.

The resistance law original with a Marantz is adopted as a master volume, and the natural feeling of a sound volume according to a rotation of the knob can be obtained.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Output power
(20Hz - 20kHz, both channel simultaneous drive)
120W+120W (4ohms)
100W+100W (6ohms)
80W+80W (8ohms)
Dynamic power 240W+240W (2ohms)
180W+180W (4ohms)
140W+140W (6ohms)
THD (20Hz - 10kHz, 8-ohm load intensity) 0.008%
Cross modulation distortion (SMPTE) 0.008%
Frequency characteristic compact disk and a Source Direct: 10Hz-100kHz+0 -3 dB
Dumping factor (8-ohm load intensity) 180 (20Hz - 10kHz)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono MC: 250 microvolts/100 ohms
Phono man month: 2.5mV/47kohm
High SFT Level: 150mV/33kohm
Phono maximum permissible input (1kHz) MC:16mV
RIAA deflection (20Hz - 20kHz) ±0.2dB
SN ratio (A network) Phono MC:75dB
Phono MM:85dB
High Level:105dB
Tone control Bass: 100Hz, ±6dB
Treble: 10kHz, ±6dB
Power source AC100V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 180W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Dimensions Width 420x height 150x depth of 380mm
Weight 10.0kg