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The pictorial image of PM-17SA ver.2

Marantz PM-17SA ver.2 120,000yen(2002 release)

The Integrated Amplifier which attained high-quality sound-ization by supplying Absolute SA Technology based on PM-17SA.

Adjustable HDAM which is the preamplifier part which adopted current feedback, and a voltage amplification module original with a Marantz,Basic stream compositions, such as a twin monophonic construction, are inherited as they are, and high speed and low-noise-ization are attained by improving a part, and a powering and wiring thoroughly.

Power-source block chemicon of low double foil is newly carried in the power-source part, and the super ring-core toroidal transformer is succeedingly carried in the transformer.

The resistor and the film capacitor were begun and a high-quality sound part, such as adopting a schottky-barrier diode as each rectifier circuit, is thrown in.

A power feed line, a GND busbar, etc. which devoted in the low impedance are suppressing the shake of potential by improving grand potential completely.

The pre-out power in termination is carried.

The Source-Direct switchpoint is carried.

Warmup meter is carried and a heat up status can be checked.

The full REC serector is carried.

The phone amplifier corresponding to MC/man month is carried.

The thing made from German WBT is adopted as a speaker terminal.

Aluminum top system remote control is attached.

Rear Attached

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Output power 100W+100W (4ohms)
80W+80W (6ohms)
60W+60W (8ohms)
THD (20Hz - 20kHz, both channel simultaneous drive, 8ohms) 0.01%
Cross modulation distortion (SMPTE) 0.01%
Output bandwidth (an 8-ohm load intensity, 0.04%) 10Hz - 50kHz
Frequency characteristic (compact disk, Source Direct) 5Hz-70kHz+0 -1 dB
Dumping factor (8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz) 100
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono MC: 230 microvolts/100 ohms
Phono man month: 2.4mV/47kohm
High SFT Level: 220mV/22kohm
Main in: 1.6V/22kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Pre out: 1.6V/250 ohm
Phono maximum permissible input (1kHz) MC:15mV
RIAA deflection (20Hz - 20kHz) ±0.2dB
S/N (an IHF A network, input short-circuit) Phono MC:76dB
Phono MM:90dB
High Level:112dB
Tone control Bass: ±8dB (100Hz)
Treble: ±8dB (10kHz)
Input terminal Line: Four lines
Tapes system: One line
CD-Recordable or micro disk: One line
Phone: One line
Main in: One line
Output-terminal Pre out: One line
Tapes system: One line
CD-Recordable or micro disk: One line
Speaker: One line
Headphone: One line
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption (Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law) 180W
The maximum Dimensions Width 458x height 110x depth of 429mm
Weight 16.0kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control
AC cable