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The pictorial image of Model 1180

Marantz Model 1180 135,000yen(around the 1977 time)

Low TIM (the Tran Gent intermodulation distortion) and the Integrated Amplifier which pursued the TIM.

The power part considered it as the 3 steps of pure complimentary OCL and parallel push pull darlington circuit by DC stream composition of Marantz tradition, and the low-noise element of a Marantz requests for price quotations is used for it.
Furthermore, the differential-amplification cascode bootstrap circuit by low-noise specification FET is adopted as this power amplifier first rank, and the temperature drift and the time drift which becomes a problem with DC amplifier are suppressed to the relative minimum.
It has succeeded in acquiring and adding the phase response and transmission capability which were excellent by this over the large band from super-low-pass one to a super-high region, eliminating the phase distortion in super-low-pass one, pulling up a nakedness property, and practicing thought of Low TIM actually.

It has the ESP circuitry adopted by P510M.
This ESP circuitry detects momentarily DC occurrence by the excessive output current and voltage, and outgoing end, restricts the signal to a driver transistor to a safe value, and is protecting it from an over drive or short-circuit.
And it protects continuously, without also detecting a frequency and time by a differential at the moment, and interrupting a special NetWare program.
Furthermore, it has the relay which also combined the delay circuit (4 seconds) which prevents the shocking noise by the power source ON, and a speaker separates automatically in case of the outage of a transistor.

By actual special-NetWare-program play, Tran Gent's peek in the sources, such as large direct cutting of a dynamic range, may exceed mean-value level of +10dB - +20dB (ten to 100 times).
It had the peek indicator which answers momentarily to such a peek, level adjustment was made easy, and the clip block is prevented.

Equalizer amplifier serves as a 3 steps of first rank differentials hardwired-connection differential circuitry with 5Tr stream compositions of the difference input amplifier by a made-to-order low-noise element, buffer amplifier, and low electric-current load-intensity first class amplifier.

The loudness contour is equipped and low and the quantity region at the time of a small sound volume can be finely tuned in the amount of corrections by the Fletcher Munson curve to ten steps according to a sound volume according to the property of a human being's ear.

The try tone control organization original with the Marantz in which a MID range control is possible is equipped.

It can copy to the deck from a tape deck, and a differential is individually possible for the Tape Copy organization which can also be monitored in other sources in an independent circuitry.

The bessel type filter which was excellent in the roll-off characteristics is adopted.
9kHz and the roll-off curve in which 18dB / oct is steep at 15Hz were realized, and it has succeeded in reducing phase distortion.

The tone circuitry was jumped and the tone defeat which sets the frequency characteristic as a flat is equipped.

The DC/AC amplifier change-over switch is carried.

Wooden cabinets are options.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Output power
(20Hz - 20kHz, both channel drive)
90W+90W (8ohms)
115W+115W (4ohms)
Frequency characteristic (20Hz - 20kHz) + 0, -0.2dB
THD 0.03%
Cross modulation distortion 0.03%
Dumping factor 60
Input sensitivity/impedance Main-amplifier input: 1.5V/30kohm
Phone man-month: 1.8mV/47kohm
Mic: 1.8mV/47kohm
High: 180mV/25kohm
An Output power/impedance Pre Out: 1.5V/200 ohm
RIAA deflection (20Hz - 20kHz) ±0.2dB
Tone control property bass(100Hz): ±10dB
mid(700Hz): ±6dB
treble(10kHz): ±10dB
Filter Low: 15Hz, 18dB / oct
High: 9kHz, 18dB / oct
Power consumption 240W (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Power source 100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 416x height 146x depth of 316mm
Weight 15kg
Option Standard walnut cabinet WC-110 (7,000yen)
Standard mahogany cabinet WC-110N (12,000yen)