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Model 1060

Pre-main amplifier designed by Marantz U.S.A. and checked up according to the Marantz U.S.A. standard.

The equalizer is a 3-stage direct connection NF type using 6 transistors, and basically has almost the same circuit configuration as #7T.

The tone control section allows control of the mid-range range. The control width of the low and high ranges is approximately twice that of the mid-range range in consideration of the effect of hearing.

The main section uses an orthodox quasi complimentary service circuit.
The protection circuit is an ASO detection type, and there is no need to worry about skipping the transistor even if the output is short-circuited due to misconnection, etc.

According to the Marantz standard, it is designed so that no oscillation occurs even when a 10 μ F capacitor is loaded.

Model Rating
Type Console stereo amplifier
Power Amplifier Unit
Continuous rated output 30W + 30W (8 Ω, 20 Hz to 20000 Hz)
Harmonic distortion factor 0.5% or Less (20 Hz to 20000 Hz, Rated Output)
Cross modulation distortion factor 0.5% or Less (20 Hz to 20000 Hz, Rated Output)
Frequency characteristic ± 1.0 dB (20 Hz to 20000 Hz at Rated Output)
Power Band With 15 Hz ~ 50000 Hz
Damping factor 45 or More (8 Ω)
Input sensitivity Phono:1.8mV
MIC : 1.8mV/47k Ω
High : 180mV/100k Ω
Crosstalk 45dB
Tone control Treble : ± 12 dB (15 kHz)
Mid : ± 6 dB (700 Hz)
Bass : ± 12 dB (50 Hz)
External dimensions Width 362x Height 120x Depth 300 mm
Weight 8.4kg