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Lo-D L-203
a price point -- unknown (one set, the 1974 release)

The 20cm Woofer unit which adopted the gathered edge.

The Lo-D actuator is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form High compliance type Woofer
Outer diameter 23.0cm
The diameter of an aperture 17.9cm
Baffle hole 18.3cm
Rated input 20W (60Hz or more succession)
Output sound pressure level 89.5dB/W/m
Voice coil impedance 8ohms
Play frequency band fo-3.5kHz
fo 27Hz
Cross over frequency 3.5kHz or less
The total magnetic flux 113,000 maxwells
Flux density 9,100 gauss
Depth 10.5cm
Weight 2.5kg