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Lo-D FTM-4000
52,000yen(around the 1979 time)

TV voice multiplex tuner which adopted the separate carrier scheme.

Stereophonic broadcasting and a two-language broadcast can be enjoyed.

high -- the acknowledged separate carrier scheme is adopted by the purity receiving performance.

The double convert scheme and the double pulse detection scheme are carried.

The sound volume of a Japanese language and a foreign language is freely controllable by dual mixing.

The Lec out selector is carried.

He is able to enjoy a two-language broadcast by a headphone output.

Rating of a mode
Form TV voice multiplex tuner
The number of tuning 12 games
Tuning scheme Soft push tuning
Receiving channel VHF: 1ch - 12ch
UHF: 13ch - 62ch
Receiving scheme Electronic formula automatic switch (a monophonic recording / stereo / 2 language)
S/N50dB sensitivity 29dBf (7.8 microvolts/75 ohms)
S/N stereo:60dB
Stereo separation 45dB(400Hz)
Crosstalk 60dB
Power consumption 10W
Dimensions Width 435x height 78x depth of 282mm
Weight 4.0kg