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Lo-D FT-5000
55,000yen(1979 release)

The FM/AM digital synthesizer tuner in which the microcomputer was carried.

With a microcomputer, the office of hope can be quickly aligned only by pushing an up-and-down button selector, 100kHz is used on FM, the sweep of the received frequency is carried out every 9kHz by AM, and a computer catches a broadcast wave.
The aligning point is controlled by Quartz and exact tuning is possible for it.

Since it has the memory key, presetting of seven games is possible for AM/FM.
The way of a memory set will be completed, if the office which you want to memorize is received, the memory key is pressed, and the button of the channel of choice is pushed while a memory write-in window lights up.

By the Quartz synthesizer scheme, on FM, it is carried out at 100kHz, the Quartz nowait lock is carried out at intervals of 9kHz by AM, and the tuning point where the aligning point was stabilized without distortion for a long time is maintained.

The double tune was adopted as the RF section which uses the front end dual gate MOS FET, and the high gain and high selectivity of the RF section are realized.
Furthermore, the inter-modulation stonewalling generated in the real field where an inside strong electric-field office floods by adoption of a wide band automatic gain control circuit is prevented.

The intelligence on a preset frequency or a last channel can be memorized by a Battery (AA x 3), a timer is connected at the time of a sudden power-down or an absence sound recording, and the description of memory is maintained also to an in use.
The Battery can use it for about two years, if it sets once.

The received frequency is displayed with the vacuum fluorescent tube. Moreover, it can be judged with a station indicator whether the channel of a preset throat is received.

A muting circuit drives a reed relay in a schmidt-trigger circuitry.
And while acquiring a mute depressing effect of -80dB or more, the pop sound generated in a key operation, power-switch on/off, etc. was prevented, and the comfortable operationality is realized.

The five-step signal indicator by light emitting diode is carried.

A 75-ohm coaxial connector is carried in FM antenna input.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM digital synthesizer tuner
<FM tuner part>
Received frequency 76.1MHz - 89.9MHz
Practical speed 1.9 microvolts (300 ohms, IHF)
10.8dBf (new IHF)
SN ratio a sensitivity of 50dB mono:16.2dBf
effective selectivity (IHF) 75dB
SN ratio mono:72dB
Distortion mono:0.12%
separation (1kHz) 45dB
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-15kHz±1dB
<AM tuner part>
Received frequency 531kHz - 1,602kHz
Practical speed 300microvolts/m
SN ratio 50dB
Distortion (400Hz) 0.7%
Power consumption 12W
Dimensions Width 435x height 105x depth of 273mm
Weight 4.4kg