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Lo-D FT-400
49,000yen(around the 1974 time)

The AM/FM stereo tuner which aimed at sound without coloring.

The 4 pole MOS FET is adopted as the front end of FM tuner, and the implementation of a high sensitivity and a low noise property is aimed at.
Moreover, a mechanical filter and a monolithic IC are adopted as the IF section, and many properties are raised.

The monolithic IC was adopted as FM multi-circuitry, and the low-distortion property and the separation are improved.

FM muting circuit is carried and a reduction of an inter-office noise is possible.

The adapter termination of an FM4ch broadcast use is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Practical speed 2 microvolts (IHF)
SN ratio 65dB
Capture ratio 1.5dB
Effective selectivity 46dB
Antenna input impedance 300-ohm balance type
75-ohm unbalance type
Output voltage 0 - 0.5V variable
<AM tuner part>
Practical speed 18 microvolts
Effective selectivity 35dB
SN ratio 46dB
Output voltage 0 - 0.5V variable
Output load impedance 1kohm
An attached functionality FM muting
Output-voltage conditioningregulation
Antenna Attenuator
Discrete 4ch output-terminal
Signal strength meter
Center tuning meter
The semiconductor used Transistor: 13 pieces
FET: One piece
IC: Three pieces
Diode: 16 pieces
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Width 418x height 137x depth of 313mm
Weight 6.5kg