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Lo-D FT-320R
29,800yen(1976 release)

The FM/AM tuner which investigated the basic performance and the operationality.

AGC of the wide band was adopted as the front end part, and a syntony property and stonewalling exclusion capacity are improved.

It is used for the IF section combining the narrow-band tuning coil for rectifying the surge of the good four wide band ceramics filter of a phase response, and few phases.

PLL is adopted as a MPX demodulator circuit.
For the capacitor of the internal oscillator of PLL, the stable styrene capacitor by which the epoxy coating was carried out was used to a temperature and humidity, and the stable operation is realized to it.

The stable special mold type is adopted as RF coil to an environmental transition.

The triple tune IF filter is adopted as IF circuitry of AM, and selectivity is improved.

The 2m scheme of a signal and tuning is adopted.

The MPX noise filter is carried and the high region noise of FM stereophonic broadcasting can be cut effectively.

The low pass filter is carried.

FM muting and FM indicator are carried.

The ferrite antenna is adopted as AM antenna.

PLL MPX demodulator circuit

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Practical speed 1.9 microvolts (S/N 30dB, 30% modulation effective input)
S/N 75dB (a 100% modulation, 1mV input)
THD (400Hz) mono:0.2%
Capture ratio 1.5dB
effective selectivity (IHF) 65dB
Separation 30dB(100Hz)
Image stonewalling ratio 53dB
IF stonewalling ratio 95dB
Spurious stonewalling ratio 90dB
AM supression ratio 55dB
Carrier leakage supression ratio 60dB
Antenna A 300-ohm balance type, a 75-ohm unbalance type
<AM tuner part>
Practical speed 12 microvolts (IHF)
250 microvolt/m (bar antenna)
Selectivity 35dB
S/N 40dB
Image stonewalling ratio 56dB
IF stonewalling ratio 36dB
An Output voltage/impedance 300mV (400Hz, 30% modulation)
The semiconductor used Transistor: Eight pieces
FET: One piece
IC: Two pieces
Diode: 18 pieces
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power dissipation (Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law) 10W
Dimensions Width 390x height 126.5x depth of 370mm
Weight 4.7kg