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Lo-D HS-630
75,000yen(one-set, around the 1979 time)

The 3 way speaker system which adopted the metal diaphragm as all the units.
The repetition of the careful numeration, the experiment, and the audition is raising completeness on the theme of high efficiency and extensive dispersibility.

The 30cm metal cone type Woofer (L-3003) is carried in low-pass.
The waveguide-plunger oscillating band has adopted as a cone part the metal cone which had the special feature of quality with little tone-quality failure by humidity transition which carries out an about 1 octave (twice) expansion being stabilized in the orientation of a high region. While attaining metrization by the aluminum alloy of 200micro of board thicknesses, in order to prevent low-pass asymmetric vibration, it has the cap cone type structure where the rigidity of the whole diaphragm is improved.
Moreover, the original V form gathered edge was adopted as the edge part, the mechanical linearity of the piston vibration of a diaphragm has been improved, the distortion and edge vibration distortion at the time of a large swing were decreased, and it has succeeded in lowering the minimum resonance frequency.

A 5.5cm metal veneer cone type mid range (M-5501) is carried in the mid range.
The aluminum alloy was adopted as well as the Woofer, the gathered edge which can take a swing ±2mm was adopted as the edge, and the minimum resonance frequency is conjointly lowered to 280Hz with the back cavity.

The 2.2cm aluminum alloy dome shape tweeter (H-2201) is carried in the high region.

The aluminum die-casting frame is adopted as each unit.

The enclosure is using the three-layer structure particle board by the needle-leaf tree which used the Calah pine as the main material for a baffle board and a back board.

The succession good transformation level control is carried in a mid range and high regions.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Unit etc. For low-pass: 30cm cone type (L-3003)
For mid ranges: 5.5cm cone type (M-5501)
For high regions: 2.2cm dome shape (H-2201)
Frequency characteristic 30Hz - 20000Hz (-15dB anechoic chamber)
The maximum input 140W (music signal peek)
Impedance 6ohms
Output sound pressure level 92 dB/W/m (8-ohm conversion)
Cross over frequency 700Hz, 4kHz
Enclosure internal volume 70L
Dimensions Width 400x height 710x depth of 380mm
Weight 25kg