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Lo-D HS-230
43,800yen(one-set, around the 1980 time)

The 3 way speaker system by a metal diaphragm which inherited the technology of HS-630 and HS-430 and was developed.

L-2503 of a 25cm metal veneer cone type Woofer is carried in low-pass.
The aluminum alloy of 170micro of board thicknesses is used for a diaphragm, and in order to prevent the weight saving of a cone, and low-pass asymmetric vibration, the structure of cap cone type which increases a synthetic of the whole oscillating object is adopted. This is realized by adopting the gathered edge of a hold without finger of a large swing, and a high compliance property as an edge.

M-6504 of a 6.5cm metal veneer cone type mid range is carried in the mid range.
The 6.5cm aluminum alloy veneer is used for the diaphragm, and extensive dispersibility is realized while expanding a waveguide-plunger oscillating area.
Moreover, the high compliance free edge excellent in moisture resistance is adopted as an edge, fo is lowered, and the relation with a Woofer is made smooth.
The heat-resistant voice coil is adopted as a voice coil.

H-2504 of a 2.5cm metal dome tweeter is carried in the high region.
The titanium diaphragm of a high hardness is used and the input-proof is improved with the heat-resistant voice coil.

The independent succession variable level control is carried in a mid range and high regions.

The enclosure has adopted the bass-reflex scheme by mahogany tone finish.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Unit etc. For low-pass: 25cm cone type (L-2503)
For mid ranges: 6.5cm cone type (M-6504)
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape (H-2504)
Frequency characteristic 38Hz - 20000Hz (-15dB anechoic chamber)
The maximum input 100W (music signal peek)
Impedance 6ohms
Output sound pressure level 92 dB/W/m (8-ohm conversion)
Cross over frequency 800Hz, 4.5kHz
Enclosure internal volume 40L
Dimensions Width 315x height 575x depth of 335mm
Weight 13.5kg