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Lo-D HS-1400W
39,800yen(one-set, around the 1970 time)

A. Speaker system which adopted four ways of S.W. (acoustic Sub woofer) schemes.

The interior of an enclosure was roughly divided into two, a 20cm cone type unit is stored in the interior, and it is outputting from the single word I/O port opened in the enclosure bottom.
According to this structure, the band pass filter which carries out selection passage only of the specific frequency width is formed, and only the bass region is reproduced very much.

The 20cm cone type unit for low-pass, the 12cm cone type unit for mid ranges, and horn type unit H-54H for high regions are carried in the fraction of divided one of the two.

The multi-amplifier termination is carried.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 4 ways, 4 loudspeakers, an ASW scheme, and a floor type
Unit etc. For super-low-pass: 20cm cone type
For low-pass: 20cm cone type
For mid ranges: 12cm cone type
For high regions: Horn type (H-54H)
Frequency band 35Hz - 20000Hz
The maximum input 25W
Impedance 8ohms
Output sound pressure level 98dB/W
Cross over frequency 100Hz, 1500Hz, 5000Hz
Dimensions Width 438x height 1157x depth of 370mm
Weight 28kg