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Lo-D HT-860
129,000yen(around the 1979 time)

The computer control full-auto player which carries the intensive control by a computer.

It is carrying a 4-bit microcomputer, detecting the signal from the input and the various detection organizations from a front switchpoint, and performing a signal processing,Centralized control of an auto size / auto speed selector, a memory repeat, the arm movement, etc. is carried out from almost all the functionalities of a player, and variable rotation Quartz nowait locks.

The uni-torque motor by a technology original with a Lo-D is carried in the motor.
A uni-torque motor is a motor which asked for perfect circular motion from the principle,A rotor magnet of a doughnut form by which the magnetizing was carried out, and 2 sets of star-shaped flat coils shifted 22^5 degrees are consisted of by eight poles, and the amount of torque generated from these two coils and magnets becomes fixed very always about which moment. This principle can be expressed with the easy numeric expression "sin2theta+cos2theta=1." In the uni-torque motor, further, the simple structure of a brushless and a slotless & coreless is adopted, and the endurance is also improving sharply.
The pitch control up to 0.1% step±9.9% is possible by having adopted the Quartz nowait lock as HT-860, and also adopting the Quartz nowait lock also as a velocity fine tune.

The auto size / auto speed selector is carried.
With the combination of the light source and a photoelectron sensor, a size and speed are automatically detected only by putting a record, and the auto in of the needle point is carried out to the location suitable for record size.
For this reason, a record performance can be enjoyed, without touching a size selector.
* It is 33 at 45rpm and 17cm in 30cm. A 1/3rpm record has the necessity for a speed setups by a manual.

The uncontacted detection photoelectron type full auto organization is adopted, and all the full auto functionalities, such as an auto in location and the Ohtori turn detection, are performed by the uncontacted photoelectron sensor.

The electronic formula memory repeat original with a Lo-D is adopted, only the numbers of times specified to 1 to 9 times can be repeated, and it can perform.

The arm swing organization of a non touch system is adopted, and a tone arm can be moved to the arbitrary locations of a record only by operation of the front panel, without touching a tone arm.

The exclusive motor which became independent, respectively is used for the level of a tone arm, and a vertical drive, a response is possible also for the command from after and complicated motions, such as level of an arm and a very small drive, can be performed exactly to change an auto operation on the way.

The digital display panel is carried and digital display of the rotational frequency and pitch control by which the computer treatment was carried out, record size, and the repeat rotational frequency is carried out.

The using as a manual player has also become possible, and if it has a head shell by hand, the clutch of a full auto organization will separate and it will shift to a manual operation automatically.

Lightweight high rigid magnesium die casting is used for a head shell.
Moreover, shakiness is suppressed and a gilding treatment chocking nowait-lock type head shell connector, a one-touch type arm height adjustment mechanism of 6mm of adjustable ranges, etc. which increase rigidity are carried.

The prevention organization from improper operation, the timer start organization, etc. are carried at the time of an electronic braking system or a computer control record credit failure.

The heavy weight class turntable of "weight is about 2kg and sensitivity mass 300g-cm2" is adopted as a turntable, and isobutylene isoprene rubber is used for the turntable sheet.

The double insulator focused on an acoustic feature etc. is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Full auto player system
<Phone motor part>
Drive system Quartz synthesizer pitch control DD full auto
Motor Flat form non-commutator DC servo motor (uni-torque motor)
Turntable 330mmphi aluminum die casting
Constant-speed speed 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Speed adjustable range ±9.9% (0.1% step)
Wow and flutter 0.025%(WRMS)
SN ratio 78dB(DIN-B)
Rotational frequency deflection Less than 0.003%
Startup property 1/3 rotation (33 1/3rpm o'clock)
<Tone arm part>
Tone arm Stylus-force Direct-reading type static balance type pipe arm
Arm effective length 230mm
Overhang 15mm
Tracking error Less than 2 degrees
Stylus-force adjustable range 0-3g / 1 rotation (being a 0.1g step Direct reading)
Application cartridge weight 4g-10g
Head shell Magnesium die casting
Head shell connector Chocking nowait-lock type
Arm height adjustable range 6mm
<Cabinet part>
Cabinet The product made from aluminum die casting
Book jacket Acrylic resin, a removable
Sole plate polymer resin concrete, specific gravity 2.5, and 15mm of board thicknesses
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W
Dimensions Width 484x height 151x depth of 412mm
Weight 14kg