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Lo-D HT-464
39,800yen(around the 1979 time)

HT-860, the DD full auto player developed from the same design concept as HT-660 and the highly efficient player of the continuing Lo-D.

The uni-torque motor by a technology original with a Lo-D is carried in the motor.
A uni-torque motor is a motor which asked for perfect circular motion from the principle,A rotor magnet of a doughnut form by which the magnetizing was carried out, and 2 sets of star-shaped flat coils shifted 22^5 degrees are consisted of by eight poles, and the amount of torque generated from these two coils and magnets becomes fixed very always about which moment. This principle can be expressed with the easy numeric expression "sin2theta+cos2theta=1." In the uni-torque motor, further, the simple structure of a brushless and a slotless & coreless is adopted, and the endurance is also improving sharply.

The exclusive DC motor is adopted as an arm drive, and the full auto organization in which the influence which it has on a turntable was suppressed is carried.
It is designed so that this full auto organization may not interfere at the time of a manual operation.

The high-electron type Ohtori turn detection organization which can carry out a return detection by no contacting by the light source (light emitting diode), a shutter, and a photosensor (Cds) is adopted.

The gimbal support scheme tone arm is adopted.

The head shell containing a glass fiber is adopted as a head shell.

Rating of a mode
Form DD full auto player system
<Phone motor part>
Drive system DD full auto
Motor Flat form non-commutator DC servo motor (uni-torque motor)
Turntable 310mmphi aluminum die casting
constant-speed 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Speed switching Electronic control scheme
Speed adjustable range 33 1/3rpm : ±3%
45rpm : ±4%
(Both speed common coordination)
Wow and flutter 0.03%(WRMS)
SN ratio 77dB(DIN-B)
<Tone arm part>
Tone arm Stylus-force Direct-reading type static balance type pipe arm
Head shell exchange system
Arm effective length 220mm
Overhang 15mm
Tracking error 2 degrees
Stylus-force adjustable range 0-3g / 1 rotation (being a 0.1g step Direct reading)
Application cartridge weight 4g-10g
<Cartridge part>
Cartridge man-month type (MT-24)
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 25kHz
Output voltage 3mV (1kHz is level 50 cm/s)
Channel balance 1dB
Crosstalk 25dB
Stylus force 2g
The needle used 0.5mil diamond stylus (DS-ST24)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 5.5W
Dimensions Width 435x height 128x depth of 375mm
Weight 5.5kg