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Lo-D HT-10FM
38,000yen(around the 1979 time)

The FM wireless auto player system which can enjoy a record performance by syntony of FM tuner etc. without building in FM stereo transmitter and connecting a code.

The amplifier only for a microphone is built in and mic mixing is possible.

The auto organization which can be performed also by a light stylus-force cartridge is carried.

The belt drive by a DC servo motor is adopted as a drive system.

It is possible to enjoy itself also outdoors with 3 power-source schemes of a Battery (single x6), a home power source (exclusive AC/DC adaptor), and a car battery (car adapter option).

There was also a silver type besides a black type.

Rating of a mode
Form FM wireless auto player system
Drive system DC servo belt drive auto
Wow and flutter 0.05%(WRMS)
SN ratio 65dB(DIN-B)
Tone arm Static balance form pipe arm
Cartridge man-month type (MT-10)
The needle used 0.5mil diamond stylus (DS-ST40)
Supply voltage Alternating current: AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz (exclusive AC/DC adaptor using)
Direct current: 9V (six single Batteries using), a car battery
Power consumption 3W (at the time of an exclusive AC/DC adaptor using)
0.9W (at the time of a Battery using)
Battery persistence time About 70 hours (at the time of a Hitachi super gold SUM-1(SG) using)
Dimensions Width 435x height 128x depth of 362mm
Weight 5kg (Battery included)
Adjunct An exclusive AC/DC adaptor