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Lo-D MT-202E
33,000yen(around the 1975 time)

It is man-month type cartridge which attained highly efficient-ization by adopting new technology and new materials.

The pivot support which carries out the Tip-of-the-Day support of the supporting point of vibration system is adopted.
And since it fixes with the jewel which had the oscillating supporting point selected carefully, even if compliance is high, there is no disorder of a mechanical impedance.

The magnetic circuit of C form yoke which uses the newly developed samarium cobalt magnet is developed and carried.

The damper rubber of form and the quality of the material suitable for a pivot support scheme was severely examined and chosen as damper rubber, and is adopted as it.

In a shielding case, the specification of the permalloy material of highest-class 3 yuan is carried out to very deep throttle form, the influence of an external magnetic field is intercepted, and the hum by the turntable and a motor is pressed down to it.


Rating of a mode
Form man-month type cartridge
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 30kHz
Output voltage 3.5mV (5 cm/sRMS, 1kHz)
Impedance 3. 2kohm (1kHz)
Direct current resistance 700ohms
Load resistance 47kohm standard
Channel balance 1dB(1kHz)
Channel separation 30dB(1kHz)
(100Hz, the swing of 50micro, 24-degree-C o'clock)
Level: 16x10 to 6 cm/dyne
Perpendicularity: 14x10 to 6 cm/dyne
Needle point form 0.2x0.7mil ellipse
Needle point effective mass 0.57mg (it computes by 10kHz o'clock of a mechanical impedance)
Stylus force 0.75g-1.5g (1.25g standard)
Self-weight 8.2g
Switching needle E-202(17,000yen)