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Lo-D HA-660
72,600yen(around the 1974 time)

The Integrated Amplifier developed by the concept in pursuit of not only a physical characteristic but musicality.

By forming the driver stage of a main-amplifier part into a constant current drive, crossover distortion and the distortion at the time of a small input are eliminated.

The transistor only for Hi-Fi and the three-step hardwired-connection equalizer were adopted, and a dynamic margin of 40dB or more has been obtained.

The nakedness property of each operation of the amplification stage or an overall is checked, and the Low-noise-izing is attained.

Rating of a mode
Form Integrated Amplifier
Effective output (both channel drive) 32W+32W (8ohms)
Music power (IHF) 100W (8ohms)
Distorted 0.5% (at the time of an effective output)
0.03% (at the time of 10W output)
Dumping factor 50 (at the time of 1kHz and an 8-ohm load intensity)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono1 Low: 2mV / 50kohm
Phono1 High: 5mV / 50kohm
Aux1, 2, Tuner, Tape1, 2:100mV/50kohm
Sound-recording output sensitivity Rec out:100mV
Din out:30mV
SN ratio Phono1:70dB
Aux1, 2, Tuner: 85dB
Tone control Bass: ±10dB (100Hz)
Treble: ±10dB (10kHz)
Filter -6dB(30Hz)12dB/oct
Attachment Loudspeaker switching
Audio muting
Three AC outlets
Two tape-decks interconnection possible
The semiconductor used Transistor: 29 pieces
Diode: 14 pieces
Dimensions Width 432x height 142x depth of 340mm
Weight 10.2kg