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129,000yen(around the 1990 time)

The compact disk player which adopted 3 pole thermionic tube as the output circuit.

Twin-Triode 6CG7 is adopted as a cathode follower circuitry.
3 pole thermionic tube has a linear property, and the oddth jarring higher harmonic is excellent in the capacity to pull out a music, such as few things. Moreover, simple-ization of a circuitry is realized by the cathode follower by which an active element is constituted from atomicity (one unit).

The newly because of D-107U developed line transformer for an output is adopted.
While an advanced music representation is attained, sending stabilized also for the low-impedance load intensity by transformer join is realized.

It has succeeded in removing an analog filter harmful to a tone quality completely by using the natural damping characteristics of a line transformer,Thereby, the analog signal went into the thermionic tube direct, and the circuitry after DA conversion has realized the simple circuitry of being outputted via an output transformer.

In order to prevent the pulse nature output at the time of the power activation of a compact disk player, the muting circuit kept from carrying out a definite-period-of-time output is adopted.
Relay contact is used for this muting circuit, and, thereby, the relationship between an earth line and DC line serves as an ideal output circuit severed completely at the time of a cancel release of a muting.

The digital output is eliminated in order to put into practice and investigate the characteristic of the analog circuit which uses the thermionic tube.
Moreover, it had two lines, the variable output and fixed output by an electric volume, and the pure lineout in which neither receives the influence of radiation is realized.

In order to stop an extraneous vibration harmful to a tone quality, the measures against vibration proof are taken.
The optical pickup base was separated from the assembly base, and the original high rigid nowait-lock mechanism which intercepts an oscillation for the meantime in the combination of a special rubber damper and a coil spring is adopted.
Furthermore, it has a structure strong against an extraneous vibration by making it into the low centroid structure of the center mounting scheme arranged in the center.

The edit functionality convenient to record and the fadeout functionality are carried.
Moreover, the time fadeout functionality which can perform a time specification is equipped, and fadeout time can be set up per part for a maximum of 99 minutes.
If time comes, a fadeout will be carried out automatically and it will return to the first Output voltage after that and automatically.

The pre heating switchpoint by which the heater of the thermionic tube is warmed beforehand is carried, and the operation stabilized for a short time is obtained.

According to the luminosity of the room, the intensity control and the erasable display-device adjustment functionality of function-logic-diagram display tube are carried.

Little gilding termination of a contact loss is adopted.

Triode   6CG7 The Relay

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Pickup Semiconductor laser pickup
Quantifying bit number 16-bit linear-line type quatization
Sampling frequency 44.1kHz
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20kHz, ±1dB
Output voltage 2.0V
Dynamic range 89dB
S/N ratio 105dB
Channel separation 86dB
Wow and flutter Below a limit-of-measurement value
THD 0.09%(1kHz)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 28W
Dimensions Width 470x height 147x depth of 342mm
Weight 10.3kg