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240,000yen(April, 1993 release)

The line controller which adopted the transformer type Attenuator of 23 steps as the level control.

The damping characteristics by an electrical resistor is used in the general Attenuator. For this reason, the direct-current-resistance component which goes into a signal line in series had affected the tone quality. In order to improve this, the transformer for line signals is developed newly, and it carries in AT-3000.
23 steps are taken out from the secondary coil of a transformer, by considering it as the scheme which switches each level by a high precision rotary switch, a resistor can be eliminated completely and a part for direct current resistance is stopped few.

The 0.2mm material of a nickel super permalloy is adopted as the transformer as a multi-laminating structure based on many trial productions and auditions. Moreover, the introductory city and the transformer for line signals with a high purity are realized for the know-how original with how to take out the center tap on a coil etc.

The attachment by maple material is adopted as mounting of a transformer by the view of supporting firmly mechanically, being in midair magnetically. The scrupulous design this attachment unifies the orientation of grain is carried out.
Moreover, in order to prevent the induction from the outside, it is considered as the dual structure which arranged the pure-copper inner shielding cabinet in the main-unit chassis.

The demagnetizer functionality original with a Lux which carries out the degauss of the core using the energy of the music signal itself is carried. This is maintaining the condition of the Attenuator transformer at the good status.

Two coaxial outputs and one XLR balance output of the Europe specification are carried.
The peculiar part excellent in the robustness and the durable performance was newly developed in the pin terminal adopted as a coaxial output, and is adopted as it, and the metal part has become a high-definition thing which is Shimoji gilding finish of the copper which began to delete a brass, and uses Teflon material for an insulated part.

The XLR output is considered as the floating type and a balance interconnection may not be suitable by a part of models.

In addition to four lines, the input terminal carries one direct input.
6N quantity purity copper material is used for an internal wiring, and it is considered as the scheme which switches not only the hot side of a signal line but a grounding circuitry. Moreover, the direct input assumes the usage which limited the source to one line. The functionality of a selector can be disregarded and it can link with an Attenuator directly.

In the front panel, it is begun to delete hairline finish of 10mm thickness, and an Attenuator knob from Naked material, and they are finished up in it.
Moreover, the thickness material hairline panel is adopted as a rear panel as well as a front.

Attenuator Maple
Precision High-definition

Rating of a mode
Form Transformer type line controller
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20kHz, less than ±2dB (at the time of a 10kohm load intensity)
The maximum boost ratio 1:1.3
Attenuation They are -60dB and 23 contacts to a upper.
Maximum input level 5Vmax(20Hz)
direct current resistance (25 degrees C) Primary: 100ohms
Secondary: 160ohms
An attached organization デ and a mug -- material イザー
Earthing switch
Grounding terminal
Dimensions Width 250x height 111x depth of 345mm
Weight 5.9kg