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LUXMAN SQ505 58,000yen(July, 1968 release)

SQ77T, the transistor Integrated Amplifier of the LUX of the 3rd work announced after SQ301.

It was tackled and developed from the transistor and the front view, without SQ505 being conscious of a Tube to SQ77T and SQ301 being the amplifier which belongs to Tube amplifier.

Except that attachment (D. F switching, filter for three dimensional) is omitted in part with the output somewhat smaller than SQ301, it has composition without a difference, and the semi- complimentary SEPP OTL circuitry is adopted as the circuitry.

The low boost switchpoint, and an input-impedance circuit changing switch and an Attenuator switchpoint are carried.


Rating of a mode
Form Solid-state integrated amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Consecutive output 40W/40W (4ohms)
30W/30W (8ohms)
20W/20W (16ohms)
Music power 40W (8ohms)
THD Less than (10W) 0.1%
Less than (30W) 0.2%
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - -50000Hz one dB
Input sensitivity 1V (30W, 8ohm)
Input impedance 50kohm
Remains noise 0.5mV or less
Dumping factor
1kHz: 35 (8ohms)
70 (16ohms)
100Hz: 25 (8ohms)
50 (16ohms)
Attenuator -12dB
<Preamplifier part>
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - -50,000kHz two dB
THD 0.1% or less (1kHz, 1V)
Remains noise 100 microvolts or less
Crosstalk Between channels: 55dB or more
Between input classification: 70dB or more
An Output voltage/impedance Pre Out: Less than 1V/100ohm
Rec Out : 100mV/100 ohms or less
DIN: 50mV/75kohm
Input sensitivity/impedance
(Output 1V)
Tape(9.5cm): 2mV/150kohm
Tape(19cm): 2.2mV/150kohm
Phono2:2mV/30kohm, 50kohm, 100kohm
More than AUX1:100mV / 75kohm - 100kohm
Tape Monitor: 350mV/100kohm
DIN: 350mV/100kohm
Maximum permissible input (1kHz) Tape Head:80mV
More than AUX1:5V
SN ratio (Volume maxima) Tape Head: 60dB or more
Phono: 60dB or more
AUX: 70dB or more
Tape Monitor: 70dB or more
DIN: 70dB or more
Equalizer Tape Head(9.5cm, 19cm): NARTB
Tone control LUX scheme NF type turnover roll-off frequency switching type
Bass: 600Hz, 300Hz, 150Hz, Defeat
Treble: 1.5kHz, 3kHz, 6kHz, Defeat
Filter Low Filter: 100Hz, 6dB / oct
High Filter: 5kHz, 6dB / oct
A low boost 80Hz, 6dB / oct
Attachment Tapes monitor switchpoint
DIN connector
The semiconductor used
Transistor (27 pieces) 485:2 2SAs
369:16 2SCs
485:2 2SCs
627:2 2SCs
734:1 2SCs
119:4 2subset dependencies
Diode (five pieces) 13:2 DSs
DS16B: Three pieces
Supply voltage AC100V
Power consumption At the time of a non-signal: 15VA (12W)
At the time of the maximum output: 120VA (100W)
Dimensions Width 451x height 147.5x depth of 268mm
Weight 10.5kg