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LUXMAN SQ-88 450,000yen(October, 2000 release)

The Integrated Amplifier developed in response to the thought of a fan fascinated with the sound of the thermionic tube against the background of an old tradition.

KT-88 is adopted as an output tube as a key device of power amplifier.
A power amplifier part is clear in the reference point of an amplification, and the Williamson circuitry without くせ peculiar to low-pass is used for it.
The inversion signal was formed by little PK splitting of the tone-quality failure, output-tube KT-88 was used by the push pull, and NFB in the total was minimized and has realized the music play which does not spoil a musical feeling of a lively motion.

OY type which determined the validation of the Lux as a transformer manufacture is adopted as an output transformer.
Orient core material was used and very little straight tone quality of the phase rotation has been obtained by this transformer finished by a skillful technician's manual labor based on a splitting volume original with OY type.

A preamplifier part supplies the design know-how cultivated by then, and is designed.
Moreover, the circuitry by the thermionic tube is adopted also as the tone control circuit which is an attached circuitry.
The input system also supports combination with various digital equipment while it builds in the high-definition phone equalizer circuitry excellent in the S/N ratio in addition to four line inputs and pulls out the charm of an analog disk to the maximum extent.

Leakage flux is put into practice and eliminated by putting into practice also among the measure against a noise, and the main unit of a transformer being filled up with fixed material on a severe shielding, and also storing in iron cases.

The original property of a circuitry is fully pulled out, and in order to accomplish a design concept, many custom-made parts are adopted as SQ-88.
The low-distortion type high-quality sound volume was adopted as volume control, and the custom-made part with abundant amount of information is adopted by the low-noise which added the enhancement also to the electrolytic capacitor or the molded resistor for exclusive use.
Moreover, the adopted thermionic tube sorted out only what cleared the severe quality testing by Lux criteria, and has acquired the high robustness for an original charm of the thermionic tube with the high robustness.


Rating of a mode
Form Tube integrated amplifier
Output power 50W+50W (6ohms)
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono man month: 2.5mV/47kohm
Line1, 2, 3:150mV/47kohm
compact-disk: 150mV/47kohm
Tape Monitor: 150mV/47kohm
THD 0.5% (6 ohms, 1kH)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20000Hz, and +0 -0.5 dB
Tone control ±15dB (the maximum variation)
Attachment Line straight switchpoint
Monitor switch
REC OUT switchpoint
Tone control (Bass/Treble)
AC inlet
Phone equalizer (man month)
Large-sized vice type speaker termination
Valves employed Output tube: KT-88x4 (2 push-pull using per each channel)
First rank: 5814A(12AU7) x4
Driver stage: 12BH7Ax2
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 230W (based on a convention of Electrical Appliance and Material Control Law)
Dimensions Width 424x height 194x depth of 384mm
Weight 24.5kg