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79,000yen(July, 1969 release)

Stereo power amplifier finished as amplifier which became independent by making the main part of SQ38F into a prototype.
50CA10 of NEC is adopted as the output tube as well as SQ38F.

Circuitry is based on the Mullard type circuitry, and in order to employ the special feature of this circuitry efficiently, the property of a high region is improved using the ball of low internal resistance in the voltage amplification stage of the first rank.
6267 is used for this fraction by the triode interconnection, and the gain is earned using 6DT8 of High Gm in relation to this in the phase inversion stage.

The phase compensator is inserted in the sub- side of an output transformer.
This having prevented that amplifier becomes unstable from the damping of a load intensity in the high region where the impedance of a speaker goes up (it becomes near no-load).
Moreover, in order to avoid the influence of the impedance from the input of control amplifier etc., consideration for inserting a buffer resistor in the grid of the first rank, or pressing down floating of the frequency characteristic produced by transition of a volume is carried out.

OY15 type is adopted as the output transformer.

As for the chassis, the overall is given to the semigloss coating of the dark gray at hairline manipulation silver finish of aluminum.

There was also the model "KMQ60" which is unwired & unadjusted kit in this MQ60.


Rating of a mode
Form Tube stereo power amplifier
Consecutive output 30W/30W (4, 8, 16ohm)
THD 0.1% (at the time of 1W output)
0.3% (at the time of the maximum output)
Frequency characteristic 15Hz - -60,000Hz one dB
SN ratio 90dB or more
Remains noise 0.7mV or less
Dumping factor About 15 (1kHz)
Load impedance 4ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm (switchpoint switching)
The semiconductor used etc.
Thermionic tube (eight pieces) 10:4 50CAs
8:2 6DT8/6AQ
6267:2 pieces
Semiconductor (five pieces) : DS16A: Four pieces
DS16C: One piece
Dimensions Width 410x height 160x depth of 205mm
Weight 13.8kg
Option MQ60 kit KMQ60 (45,000yen)
Bonnet 4,500yen