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200,000yen(January, 1975 release)

Control amplifier using a transistor.

A cascode differential direct couple scheme is adopted as an equalizer part, and the modification of a linearity and the improvement in a stability and an SN ratio in a high region are aimed at.
Moreover, a Class-A inverting Darlington push pull stream composition is adopted as a final stage, and the load-intensity requirements connected behind the equalizer stage are kept from being influenced. Furthermore, the constant current drive was allotted to the key point, while having improved a transistor's own linearity, the naked loop gain was raised, and the differential functionality has taken all possible measures.

A cascoded direct couple scheme is adopted also as a middle amplifier part and a tone control part, and the improvement in the linearity of a high region and the improvement in a stability and an SN ratio are aimed at.
The LUX scheme is adopted as a tone control part, and the curving point frequency serves as a three-step switching type with NF type. Moreover, a defeet is also possible.
The emitter-follower circuitry of 2 stone stream compositions is adopted as the output unit, and the linearity is improved over the wide band by using one stone for a constant current drive.

The CAN type with high reliability was adopted as the transistor of a whole page, and }2 power-source scheme constant-voltage-ized over the whole page is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Solid-state control center
Output voltage (Tone defeat) Standard: 1V
Maxima: More than 13V
Phono: 0.006% or less (Rec out:2V, 20Hz - 20kHz)
0.01% or less (Rec out:24V, 20Hz - 20kHz)
Tuner, Aux : 0.007% or less (Pre out:2V, 20Hz - 20kHz)
0.015% or less (Pre out:10V, 20Hz - 20kHz)
Frequency characteristic 80kHz [ 2Hz - ]-less than (Aux2) 0.5dB
Input sensitivity Phono1, 2:2.5 mV (Gain cont: 0dB)
Aux1:150mV (variable)
Input impedance Phono1:100kohm, 50kohm, 30kohm (succession variable)
Aux1, Tuner:70kohm
SN ratio Phono1, 2:65dB or more
Aux1, 2, Tuner: 83dB or more
Input voltage-proof Phono: 450mV (1kHz, RMS, Gain cont: 0dB)
RIAA curve deflection Less than }0.2dB
Tone control With a 3 steps of curving [ LUX scheme enhancement NF type ] point switching
Filter A low cut: 10Hz (-18 dB/oct), 70Hz (-12 dB/oct)
A high cut: 7kHz (-12 dB/oct), 12kHz (-12 dB/oct)
Attachment Touch mute (2 electrode cancel-release priority scheme, amount-of mutes16dB)
Attenuator (-16dB)
Output-terminal time muting circuit
Linear equalizer (RIAA, }2 step)
Attenuator form sound-volume volume
Phono gain control
Phono input-impedance succession variable type
Tapes dubbing circuitry
Tapes monitor circuitry
The input/output terminal for speakers, and a speaker switching
The semiconductor used Transistor: 88 pieces
FET: Four pieces
Diode: 57 pieces
Dimensions Width 485x height 175x depth of 245mm
Weight 10kg