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LEAK 2030
a price point -- unknown (one-set, around the 1975 time)

The 3 way speaker system developed as a succeeding model of Sandwich300.

A 20cm sandwich cone Woofer is adopted as low-pass.
In this unit, the off site of a voice coil is dumped using an adhesive substance, and the distorted occurrence is prevented.

A 10cm plastic cone type unit is adopted as a mid range, and adhesive dumping material is applied to the cone.
Moreover, the special-shaped hole was made in cone paper, and coloring of play sound is lost as much as possible.

The tweeter which used a 2.5cm polyester film dome is adopted as a high region.
Since the dimension of an oscillating object is small, the directivity is improving.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 3 ways, 3 loudspeaker bass-reflex scheme, and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 20cm cone type
For mid ranges: 10cm cone type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Frequency characteristic 60Hz-25kHz±4dB
Allowable input (DIN specification) 35W
Impedance 8ohms
Cross over frequency 700Hz, 3.5kHz
Internal volume 30L
Dimensions Width 281x height 500x depth of 265mm
Weight 11.1kg